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  • Why does Chad apparently have Hollows living in his arms?
    • Ichigo (And any other high spirit power beings) subconsciously leaks power. Around some spiritually sensitive people this awakens powers within them. In other words part of them absorbs that leaked power and starts making its own. Now it is stated that there are three types of soul in Bleach, plus, hollow and shinigami and that all creatures have the potential to be either one or in the case of vizard and arancar mixes of two. Ichigo started out as plus, died in the first episode (impaled on a soul reaper through the heart) and became a shingami - he then got hollow powers and became a shinigami/hollow hybrid (Vizard). By this reasoning and internal logic Chad and Orihime are hybrid plus spirits. Orihime is a hybrid plus/shinigami, which is why she channels her powers through her flowers rather than uses them directly - much like a shinigami and their swords or a quincy and their bows. Chad is a hybrid plus/hollow (See Huco Mundo arc of the manga) so he uses his own body as a weapon like they do. His protective arm is basically a localized version of the hollow "Iron skin" ability and their innate ability to channel spirit energy into destructive blasts. The reason Chad became a hollow and Orihime a shinigami is easy, Chad is a violent person who was taught at a young age by his grandfather to be gentle, as a result his right arm is his grandfathers will - power used for defense. When he accepted his nature and awakened his left arm it was used for pure destruction - equal to a cero blast from a hollow. It is also the same colour as a traditional hollow, instead of the inverted (or repressed) design of the right arm. He doesn't have a hollow living inside him, the hollow is him, but his human side is dominant. If Chad were to die without getting these powers, he would most likely have become a hollow. And as Rukia's captain said, Orihime's nature meant that she would definitely had become a shinigami had she lived a normal life/death. Ichigo just awakened these powers before they died.
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    • Slight correction: You meant "whole," not plus. Normal spirits are called wholes. A plus isn't a type of spirit at all, but rather a "whole" that's on the verge of becoming a hollow. Really, it's just Wholes, Hollows, and mixes of the two. Shinigami aren't really a separate type, they're just Wholes who've learned to harness they're spirit energy.
    • Obviously it's because he's half-Mexican. Since all hollow-related terminology is in Spanish, we can only assume that Hueco Mondo is somewhere in Mexico, and thus, all Mexicans are hollows. But honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with his grandfather.
Actually in the arrancar saga the top 10 are refered to as the Espada which is the royal guard in SPAIN
  • It's most definitely this. Since he's half-Mexican, he's half hollow, and he just moves that half into his arms to reach an appropriate concentration for activation their power.
  • Alternitavly, it could be that spiritual power manifest differently in human than they do in Shinigami. Ichigo got shinigami powers because his dad was one. Orihime and Chad's power are different because they are human and Chad's powers just resemble the power of the Hollows.
  • It could simply be that, just like Ichigo, Chad is a halfa. We have seen that there is allowed cross breeding between shinigami and humans so who is to say his parent or grandparent or other ancestor was not an Arrancar that attained perfect human qualities? Any more and I would have to go to Wild Mass Guessing though. Would be a cool bit of info to throw in though...
  • Nope. Turns out that Hollows attacked his parents before he was born. Of course, this is roughly the third or fourth explanation that we've gotten for his powers, so it might not stick.
  • And the other factors (Ichigo's reiatsu sparking his spirit energy, the Hogyoku helping it happen) are cancelled out... how?
  • So what exactly are Chad's powers? Are they Hollow powers or could they even be more comparable to Arrancar powers? Would he technically be able to learn stuff like Sonido and Cero given enough training?
  • Chad. My understanding is that his powers are hollowed based in nature and he has shown he is able to beat the Espada privacion. So I would imagine that his powerlevel is pretty near that of an adjucas. So why does he not get a power upgrade level in his fight against Nnotiria and Yammy. To me thet bull ichigo thing would of been better with him not ichigo, that nad it would be a more interesting way to take his character.
    • If I recall, Fullbring abilities never improve beyond its limits or change; they are only completed through training and it seems that manifesting Brazo Izquierda del Diablo (white arm) is the limit of Chad's fullbring.

  • Where did luppi come from? If he's the sixth strongest Espada after Grimmjow loses an arm, shouldn't he have been the 7th Espada before then? It's like TK just pulled him out of a certain orifice!
    • Given Wonderwiess was stated to be among the espada in strength, in addition to managing to beat Kensei to say the least and wounding Yamamoto a bit, he's easily among the espada (Bare minimum above #9) and yet was not numbered. I suppose Aizen just takes his sweet time when numbering them, only bothering when there's an open slot or something.
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    • Alternatively, Luppi had only just had the Hogyoku used on him right before his first appearance and subsequent promotion, meaning that he had only just become an Arrancar and thus only just become eligible.
  • How is it that Rukia is able to defeat the ninth espada (albeit almost dying), while Ishida, Renji, Pesshe and Dondochakka were unable to even deal any significant damage Szayel who is only one rank higher?
    • Szayel Aporro studied their spiritual pressure, Renji's bankai, etc. it was a fight against an enemy who knew exactly how to disable any kind of attack you had used up to that point in previous fights.
    • Elemental Rock Paper Scissors. Ice beats Glass Jar. Bacteria parasite IDFK creepy thing beats 'life' (in this case, ghost BPIDFKCT beats ghost 'life'). Mayuri, of course, is a robot zombie IDFK creepy guy. With a baby bankai.
    • Plus, Rukia's victory was a case of stupidity.
  • If Chad's powers are fullbring, what was the point of comparing his powers to hollows and making him get a powerup explicitly due to being in Hueco Mundo?
    • The number of people who don't get that Fullbring IS Hollow power is just sad.
    • To foreshadow why the organization of fullbring users want to get rid of their powers in the first place: the nature of fullbring is more hollowlike than shinigamilike.
      • They are children of mother who had contact with Hollows (most likely were almost eaten by them but failed) which means that they absorbed everything when they were in the womb (if you know biology you'll know that fetuses absorb a lot of things like hair die, so apparently reiatsu too)
      • Then what was all that talk about Ichigo leaking Reiatsu that gives his classmates superpowers? Did they just happen to have sleeping superpowers that had to be awakened that way, is this the general case for all fullbring users (and they just didn't mention it because!) or did *someone* forget about continuity... again?
      • Urahara said that Ichigo's reiatsu awakened the powers they were born with. For Chad, Fullbring is the power he was born with. So, who forgot about continuity, exactly?
      • People that leak power the way Ichigo does aren't particularly common, nor are instances of humans being exposed to hollows for very long before ending up as soul-chow. If we were to generalize the origin of Fullbring powers to "Sufficient exposure to reiatsu", and assume babies are more sensitive to it, it's not implausible for the fullbringers to share the "Hollow attack while in the womb" origin, since it's one of the few cases (that I can think of) where a normal person might survive a hollow attack. Ichigo's friends were all teenagers when they got their powers, so they'd need far more exposure to reiatsu (ie. daily doses of Ichigo) to develop them. That'd only leave Ichigo unexplained. But he too, was basically exposed to spirit power since very early thanks to daddy dearest plus Grand Fisher. I suppose he would've developed his fullbring naturally hadn't he been shinigami'd before. Oh, and the Quincies. Given their backstory, the first Quincies probably DID survive enough hollow attacks to become spiritually empowered. From there, tradition and inheritance can do the trick.
  • Why does Chad's Fullbring come from the skin on his arms and not something even more important to him like his coin or tattoo? Seems like They Plotted a Perfectly Good Waste to me.
    • Because he took pride in his race and skin color, not his abuelo's coin.
    • Perhaps because the lesson he had to learn as a child was what he had "those big, strong fists for."

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