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Headscratchers / Black Mirror: Crocodile

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  • So, this slender woman with no apparent combat skills needs to kill a large, healthy, adult man, and her plan is to drive to his house, walk in, and hit him in the head with a hammer? Granted that she's desperate, but she had the whole drive to think it over, and that was a terrible idea. The odds of her getting close enough to beat him to death without him noticing are insanely low. The fact that it worked was really unrealistic.
    • The whole sequence inside the house is one conveniance after another: when she enters the house he is sitting on the sofa with his back to her, no lights, watching the TV and head exposed at perfect-to-hit position. She doesn't react, though, and a few seconds later he gets up, doesn't see her standing by the door and goes upstairs to take a bath. Even when she gets in the bathroom, slowly rising the hammer, he sees her but doesn't react.
  • Adding to that the fact she could overpower her old boyfriend even though he's much bigger. His resistance seemed useless.
    • Also, why does Rob expire so quickly? Mia appears to keep her forearm on his throat for only 20 seconds tops, but he would more than likely just go unconscious from it, not instantly flatline.
  • How do memory scanning works for blind persons? In the episode, we only see video-based models, which wouldn't as effectively work for blind persons. Maybe they have special devices for engrams based on other senses such as sound or taste.
  • Okay, so Mia agreed to let Shazia talk to her to avoid drawing any attention from the police, I can understand that. But when Shazia says she wants to use the Corroborator, why did Mia agree? Why not just insist on staying with a verbal interview? Yes, Shazia tried to reassure Mia that "private stuff is private stuff," but Mia could have easily stood her ground for personal/privacy/religious/ethical reasons — after all, Shazia was not a law-enforcement officer and had no way to force Mia to comply.
  • Mia puts on a movie while she disposes of Rob's body, presumably to give herself an alibi if the need arises. But why did she pick a porno? Why not pick something more innocuous, like a romantic comedy or an action-adventure film, which would have had the same result without drawing any attention?
  • Why don't the Corroborators have any sort of security to prevent use by unauthorized personnel? For a device with such potentially invasive applications, you'd think there would be something like a security key or password lock, especially since they're now being carried around on a daily basis by everyday people.