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  • Why did Rod take Nathalie to a cheap motel when he had a huge multilevel home of his own? Was Rod cheating on someone? Nathalie had her own place too.
    • Though the movie doesn't say so, it seems they were supposed to be out of town. Why a Motel 6 is the best a pair of millionaires could afford is another question.
  • If the angry .GIF birds are on a campaign against global warming, why are they puking acid at people who were using public transport?
    • Because it was a Double-Decker bus filled with tourists?
  • Why do the birds explode?
    • Word of God said they mutated and their "juices" became caustic and explosive.
  • Why would the female lead consider quitting her job as a model to work in real estate when she just got a gig as a cover model for Victoria's Secret?
    • It sounded like she was humoring him.
  • How did the tree hugger know that the birds are only attacking urbanized areas and gas stations? What kind of view does he have from that tree he lives in?
    • He never said he never left the forest. He probably ventures into town to pick up supplies.
  • So, should we be afraid of the mutant explosive angry .GIF birds with acid juices that sound like WWII Japanese Zero fighter planes, the Spruce Bark Beetles, the strangely localized fires in the forest, or the men with illegal guns (according to California law) firing indiscriminately at the birds, regardless of any innocents who might be behind the birds?
    • Yes.
  • Did the events of Birdemic save Nathalie from being captured by the white slavery ring that was obviously pretending to be from Victoria's Secret and offering her the position of cover model as bait so they could lure her in and capture her.
  • Why did Rod and Nathalie think that unprepared fish and seaweed they picked up off the sand to be remotely edible, even if cooked (very poorly).
    • Perhaps Nguyen was trying to show that city folk like Rod and Nathalie don't have the skills they'd need to survive outside of an urban environment.
  • Did the "Hangin' Out With The Family" singer know at all that his song sounded really incestuous?
    • With lines such as, "Young ladies are doin’ their makeup and the brothers can’t wait to hookup," I doubt the singer both in and out-of-universe didn't notice the subtext. The real question is did anyone in production not notice the incestuous tones or was it on purpose?
  • How did the heroic .GIF doves chase away the angry exploding mutant .GIF birds? Were they literally sent by God, or did they have some unexplained superpower that managed to scare away .GIF birds that attack by kamikaze diving their targets?
  • Why were the kids whining for Happy Meals on the beach? They saw Rod preparing the fish (poorly) for however long it took. They knew what their options were.
    • Exactly. They saw Rod throw unprepared fish into some water with what's probably dirty seaweed thrown in. I'd be demanding something else too. And considering that it apparently killed the girl after they finally ate it, they were in the right to demand Happy Meals.

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