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The Army is Useless
I'm pretty certain it will be explained (or not), but both Canada and the United States age for recruitment in 18 years old - 17 in a delayed entry program. The army should have plenty of soldiers under age 22 who could go in and maintain order. Even a sealed truck, driven in with older people inside would work. The government had better have a rock-solid reason to be leaving these kids all by themselves.
  • Additionally, they are apparently literally abandoning them. Even though they're infected (immune or not, they'll still carry it) by a deadly virus the government has apparently no understanding of. They should be going in with hazmat suits and giving every kid every medical test possible.
  • There are signs that the town may be the subject of a deliberate experiment; for example, Adam's finding of a man in town with a high government clearance and murky involvement in several projects. Also noteworthy is that the moment the power came back on, that's when Ms Symonds dies, as though the electric grid were somehow a trigger for the virus/bacteria/whatever.

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