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Headscratchers / Begin Again

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  • Why do Steve and Gretta only sell the entire album for $1. Was it a charitable activity? Were they only thinking in the short-term? I don't think I Tunes even lets you sell for that cheap. I understand wanting to spread your music at first but a whole albums worth of songs, to not at least do $4-$5. If they need a sample, give one for free.
    • I think that because the label was only offering them a dollar per unit, they were saying "If that's how it's going to be, we'll do it our own way and still make that dollar while you get nothing." In the meeting with the label, Gretta wondered why they were taking 9 of her 10 dollars when the production was done and the only marketing she wanted was word-of-mouth anyway. If nothing's different about the operation, the lower price point probably sells more, too.