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Headscratchers / Beetle Bailey

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  • How did Beetle even get through basic training? With as lazy as he is, he should have washed out of the Army long ago.
    • It was actually touched upon in the strip itself, back in the early years when Beetle first entered the Army. This was during the Korean war, and a lot of young men were drafted — though ironically, Beetle wasn't; he signed up voluntarily to prove to his draftee friends he wasn't a coward (a shorter version that was subsequently ignored had him ducking into a recruitment office to avoid confrontation and just being grabbed). Naturally he didn't do well on any of the tests, but was accepted into the Army anyway because, as the authority decreed, everybody had to put up with "second-rate produce" in those days.

  • Why hasn't Camp Swampy been shut down yet?
    • When the Military Base Closure Commission was running in the 1990s, this was a common joke. The answer is that campy Swampy is a major personnel training center and nothing more and the area around the camp is ideal for this purpose....the bigger question is why Beetle Bailey never gets an MOS and ships out.
      • An early-nineties strip actually dealt with this. General Halftrack says that Camp Swampy hasn't been closed because the military is too embarrassed to acknowledge its existence at all.