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Headscratchers / Beauty and Warrior

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  • Hoo boy. Why is "a goddess marrying a human" taboo? Where is this palace? Why did those demons want Sari to be their queen? How long did Batara stay in that Water Palace? While we're at it, how did he and Sari end up having a kid when he's in spirit form? While both of them were wearing clothes?

  • Why did Mega spends ages fighting his brother for the sword, give him the sword after beating him up then go "I must stop my brother destroying teh wrold!". I mean woulnd't "yay I beat my brother and got the sword" have made the ending just a bit less faiL?

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  • Why, in his first appearance, Mega's eyes (not pupils, but eyes with eyelids, eyebrows and even eye sockets) moves up and down in his face over and over again? It's gross...

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