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Headscratchers / Battle Angel Alita

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When does the first Battle Angel Alita series stop being canon with Last Order? I can't tell where it cuts off.

  • About midway of the Chapter 51, after Desty Nova blows up Alita up — that's reportedly a moment when Kishiro got ill and had to finish the manga fast. The rest of that chapter is a flashback that is probably canon (as it meshes well with the events of Mars Chronicle), but everything after that, namely Chapter 52 and the Epilogue, got retconned.
    • Given that Yoko was apparently deliberately dumped into the atmosphere after being dismembered by Caerula in Last Order, the flashback is dubiously canon, and probably isn't. The last thing to be definitely canon is Desty Nova blowing Alita up.

  • Do they ever explain why after getting her Imaginos body, Alita kept having out-of-body experiences? I'm near the end of Last Order and there still hasn't been an explanation.
    • Explicitly — no. But given how easily her consciousness seems to be pulled from her body: first, by Martians during her fight with Tunguska, and later by Melchisedek+Zeus when she was fighting Toji, and that even before she got Fata Morgana installed, it seems to be just an effect of her brainchip interacting with her nanomachines-based body.

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  • Near the very beginning of the series, Ida sees Alita fighting and immediately identifies it as Panzur Kunst. As we later learn that that's a space martial arts from Mars designed around fighting in zero G. Now, unless I'm mistaken, the people on Zalem/Tipheras were only really a small step above the people in the Scrapyard in terms of intergalactic importance, and didn't have the faintest idea of martial artists from mars, so how was Ida able to identify it by sight, or even know what it was at all?

  • Was it explained what Tiphares wanted the bodyparts Vector was sending them for?
    • Everything is produced down below, and sent up, Tiphares has factories to create stuff, but no materials, being a sky city, also, think about what goes into Cyborg body parts, even if they don't need them for replacement parts for the sky city citizens, the tech inside them is probably useful for many things, all in an easy to transport package the size of a limb.