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Headscratchers / Baby Boy

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  • So how come Yvette didn't call the cops when Rodney invited himself to her house?
    • Disbelief, I guess. Plus, calling the cops would probably bring her unwanted attention among everybody else in the neighborhood and lead to her probably getting evicted.
  • The cops don't investigate Rodney's death and Jody and Sweetpea live happily ever after? I know cops don't give a crap in some black neighborhoods, but you mean to tell me Rodney's death goes unnoticed?
    • It's possible that Rodney and his crew have been terrifying the neighborhood for years, meaning that the locals might be relieved that he's gone. As well, the cops might have their suspicions about who is responsible for his death, but a lack of evidence and witnesses willing to testify make the case impossible to prosecute.
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    • Who's to say the cops didn't investigate? ALL homicides are investigated by the cops to some degree, but the movie wasn't about that, so it's not going to go into detail about the investigation into Rodney's murder. And besides, Rodney probably had a list of enemies a mile long. As far as the cops are concerned, ANYBODY could have dropped him. With no motive, witnesses, or clues, there isn't really much they can do. Rodney's murder may go unsolved. Or if you want to imagine a downer ending after the credits rolled, then maybe the cops DID find out who killed him, and Jody and Sweetpea were arrested.


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