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  • Why does Buckingham Palace fly an EU flag?
    • The fact that this was the first event in Axe Cop to warrant Headscratchers is somewhat scary.
      • Makes the classic "Queen Of England" mistake as well. Technically accurate, but that is not her title.
  • Let's get this over with then. The story is full of plot holes and wild leaps of logic, and the main character would be locked up as a highly dangerous psychopath in the real world. That should cover everything. Of course, the artist knows all this, and what makes the comic so awesome is that it can act as a gateway into the unbridled imagination of a very creative little kid.
    • I propose that this be the end-all-be-all answer for every Just Bugs Me for this series.
      • It is. If anything "just bugs you" about this series, it's time to recite the MST3K Mantra.
      • We're going to have to get it down to a constant chant.
  • Why does a Chinese wrestler play the flute in Axe Cop's band? Did he forget about Flute/ Dinosaur/ Whatever Cop?
    • We haven't had any word if Flute Cop can actually play his flute. In the strip about the team's battle cries, his fighting style is described as him blowing into the flute to make noise and hitting people when they're distracted. If anything, that gives more evidence to the idea that he can't play the flute.
      • One of the "Ask Axe Cop" featured part of Flute Cop's backstory. He actually majored in "Flute", both as a musical instrument and as a weapon for which he can perform pretty badass moves.
      • If you're dying to see Flute Cop play his flute, watch the FOX cartoon. He can play pretty well, and even make fruit fall by doing so.
    • Best Fairy Ever asks the same question in the Fox cartoon, and it turns out Flute Cop has elected to be the band's manager. The show also replaces one of the wrestlers with Grey Diamond and never shows the drummer, who was Ralph Wrinkles in the original comic. Is Ralph planned to exist in the show beyond rehearsing his battle cry?
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  • Do the giant tortoises of Axe Cop's world resemble ours biologically, or are they some kind of bizarre warm-blooded offshoot?
  • What's going to happen to the series once Malachai gets much older? Will he and Ethan simply stop the comic at some point, or will Axe Cop end up growing into mature, comprehensible storylines?
    • Well, the series is showing signs of growing more comprehensible, and Malachai seems to already have had a pretty good eye for storytelling — I expected "Uni-Baby" to be a one-off thing, but she ended up being a very important part of a later storyline. At that age, I would have never used foreshadowing at all.
  • I was just really confused by that one part in the Halloween special where the monster had two heads, was a boy and also had breasts. How does a 6 year old know about breasts?! I don't remember realizing they existed until I was like, 8. Am I just really super sheltered/slow or what?
    • Some kids are aware of that sort of thing at an early age, but they're not *waggles eyebrows* aware of it.
      • Maybe his family's not uptight about breastfeeding, unlike most other Americans? Or maybe Malachi is always thinking of traits to graft onto characters, and thought of those big bumps inside bikinis you see everywhere.
      • I'm guessing that was just an artistic choice on Ethan's part.
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  • So, whatever happened to all the people in London? Are they all dead?
  • In Bad Guy Earth, why is the Evil Counterpart of Bear Cop a bear when Dinosaur Soldier only became Bear Cop minutes before the fight? Are the bad guys that smart that they can predict the team's transformations?
  • Why didn't Axe Cop wish for a ghost to join his team instead of wishing that Flute Cop got turned into a ghost?
    • Because that's just how AXE COP rolls.
  • In the TV adaptation of "Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby", Axey complains about Uni-Baby pooping. In the second episode, though, Axe Cop wished for no one on Earth to poop again. What happened?
  • In the episode "Birthday Month", Axe Cop tells Bad Santa to say hello to his parents in Hell. So is he implying that his parents are in Hell?
    • Of course, they made him eat candy canes, after all. No one could do that and still get into heaven.
  • I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I've gotta ask anyway: In the TV adaption, Season 2 Episode 6 "President Cop," there's a song that plays over the end credits. And, no, not "Wrecking Ball," by Miley Cyrus. There's a different version, where the end credit song is different. [Link: Server 1, starts at around 9:55 minutes in.] My question: Does anyone know what this song is? I've looked everywhere and I can't find out what it is.


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