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  • Why did Ally not recognise Austin in the pilot? Season 2 reveals all four characters go to the same school and classes. Yet we see Ally and Trish meeting Austin and Dez for the first time in Sonic Boom. Wouldn't they know each other already? The school's not that big. Plus, Ally's dad owns a music shop, so its logical Austin would spend a LOT of time there. It doesn't make sense.
    • There is nothing in the pilot that actually supports the idea they don't know each other. Neither Ally or Trish say anything that implies they don't know who Austin and Dez are. Ally and Austin's first scene together is Ally telling Austin & Dez to stop breaking the rules of the store, about what Austin is doing and that corndogs are icky. Austin and Dez don't say anything that implies they don't know who Ally or Trish is either. They might not have run in the same circles. They are probably unfamiliar with each other and not know anything more about each other than "He/She goes to my school" despite being in the same school. For all we know Austin & Dez never knew about Sonic Boom and/or had another music store they used to spend time is, perhaps closer to where his parents Mattress store is which doesn't seem to be in the mall where Sonic Boom is.
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    • Ally/Trish and Austin/Dez duos may belong to different social groups that do not usually interact with each other a lot in school. Before the events in the pilot Austin is not famous so Ally may only recognize him as a rule-breaking customer.
  • In "Tickets & Trashbags", are we suppose to believe that Dez, Trish, and Ally are really being selfish? I mean, yeah, they could've handled it better, but they all had solid points as to why they should go. And what really seals it for me is when Austin says the night is about him. Yes, he got to be part of an award show, but if it weren't for all of his friends, he wouldn't be on the show. It would've been better if you know, maybe they realized that and instead thought of a way to sneak in together. Even in the end, it's treated as the other three's fault.
  • We're asked to believe that Ally doesn't have any other songs already written.
    • You'll recall that Ally wrote plenty of them. Austin thought they were all too depressing.
      • Except for "You Don't See Me", which he liked, except that the lyrics were "a little girly."
  • Why do people keep hiring Trish? Her references are probably terrible.
    • Rule of Funny. Her consistently getting fired is a very humorous gag, but it doesn't work if she can't get any jobs.
    • She could be a very persuasive speaker.
    • A lot of stores within shopping malls can go out of business, and be replaced by others. There's always a chance that "Cupcake City" could've went out of business or moved somewhere else, and "Mail Boxes and So-Forth" could've replaced that store front, and they wouldn't know anything about Trish.
  • Wouldn't someone remember what Ally really looked like in the first episode, when she was revealed in "The Helen Show"? Everyone instead is deceived it's really Trish.
    • Well, it seems that at least a few months have passed since the first episode so most likely no one remembers. Plus, they never heard Ally actually talk, so that explains it somewhat.
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    • I suppose, but then again, it was the DCLAU equivalent to The Ellen Show; so I think at least a few people would have remembered.
  • School and Home.
    • Why don't they ever show the gang at school? They're legally required to go to school until they're 17. Trish, Ally, Dez, and Dallas have all had part-time jobs and Austin and Dez seem to have enough free-time to be seen constantly in the mall. They could only show weekends but I find that hard to believe. Also, why do you never see their houses? I would think they live there. The only way that I know they don't live there is because they showed Austin's house in episode one and Dez's house (albeit briefly).
    • From an out-of-universe perspective, it's probably not shown because it's irrelevant. I think it's safe to assume that they do go to school, but because that isn't an important part of the story, the network sees no sense in spending the money to design a set, hire extras, etc. From an in-universe perspective, remember that in "Songwriting & Starfish", they're entering Austin's song in a Summer Jam contest, so maybe all of this is taking place during their summer vacation.
      • That was my theory too- it's like Phineas and Ferb or 6teen.
      • I thought in Sixteen, they went to school and THEN the mall. Then again, it's been a while.
      • In 6teen, they do go to school and then the mall. It's in the theme song: "Life begins after school/That's when we bend all the rules." Some episodes are stated to take place in the summer, though.
    • That still doesn't tell me why their homes are never shown.
      • See The Law of Conservation of Detail, it should explain why anything is ever including in any episode of anything. But regardless of what part of the school year it is, it does seem like they spend way too much time away from home. Makes you wonder if its Disney's way of saying "get off the couch and have fun", or if they are trying to spend as little time at home as possible for a different reason...
      • I believe that all four of them have some legitimate reason to stay outside their homes for extended periods of time. Ally works in Sonic Boom and Trish have various jobs around the mall, so it is pretty safe to assume that their parents know the kids' whereabouts, and for Ally, it is even possible that she lives in the shop, as Mr. Dawson is such a cheapstake that he could use living in the store as a way to squeeze some pennies. Austin's first visit could have been a one-shot but after he and Ally bonded hanging out in Sonic Boom is equivalent to hanging out at a friend's.
      • Austin's home has been shown, specifically in "Rockers & Writers," "Burglars & Boobytraps," and "Parents & Punishments."
    • In episode 17 they state that it is their last day of school before summer vacation. I think we can chalk this up to a choice by the writers not to focus on school in favour of focusing on the Sonic Boom, the mall and places that are plot-relevant.
      • They showed Austin's bedroom with a Establishing Shot of his house in the pilot.
      • The epsiode "Backups & Breakups" takes place inside their school for the most part. It's also the first episode of the second season, which might've meant an additional set budget.
    • Given Lester the cheap stake, and the 2nd floor of Sonic Boom having a hallway suggesting multiple rooms, it is safe to assume that Ally and Lester lives in Sonic Boom. Austin's room is shown multiple times already.
  • Dez. Why are they friends with such an idiot? I'm pretty sure in real life, after sinking a celebrity's houseboat, they'd ditch him for good. He makes Paisley from A.N.T. Farm look like Einstein!
    • Rule of Funny, and because Disney Channel sitcoms have to have at least one Too Dumb to Live character for comic relief.
    • Teen Sitcoms seem to have flipped from the "main character, nerdy best friend and athletic best friend" trope to a "main character, jerkass, moron" trope.
    • Dez is actually a great friend. Why are they still friends with Trish when she can be a hard ass? Because that's what friends do..
    • Dez may be a dumbass comic relief, but he does make killer music videos and Austin (and now Ally) for sure need in order to gain success. He can act like a dumbass but he is definitely a genius in making viral videos. Let's not forget it is a collaboration of his tech and Austin's song that propelled Austin into prominence via a viral music video. And Dez also saved Ally's ass and career with another viral video, centered around her awkward dance moves.
  • How on earth could Austin's one song manage to become THAT popular in only two days?! The lyrics weren't exactly great.... :/
    • The episode wouldn't make sense without a ridiculous exaggeration.
    • How did Gangnam Style get so popular despite being in Korean? How did Call Me Maybe get so popular despite being crap? He just got lucky.
  • Don't they get warm in those skinny jeans and cardigans in Miami in midsummer?
    • I'm assuming that Ally's father's music store has exceptional air conditioning.
    • Ally actually wears skirts or dresses in every episode made so far except the myTab episode of season one, where she wore jean-shorts. In season 2 they added a few pairs of tight skinny jeans to her wardrobe. Out of her roughly 50+ outfits so far (up to Ep 5 of Season 2) less than 10 weren't dresses or skirts.
    • And for Dez and Austin, they are young guys. Male fashion choices rarely include shorts, even in ultra-hot places like Miami, and their jeans or pants are usually slightly baggy. Trish's outfits are probably a character trait in the same way that Ally's skirts and dresses are.
  • Why isn't Diagonal Billing used for Lynch & Marano?
    • The only time I can recall that Disney used diagnal billing was in Zack and Cody. Even later seasons of on Deck dropped this though. It actually would make sense to use it here in my opinion as well
  • In "Presidents and Problems", why weren't the President's teenage daughters at the Teen Idol concert?
    • Because Obama was the Austin fan, his kids probably could care less. Obama rocks out to Austin in the oval office all day while his kids listen to "cooler" music
  • If Ally can't dance, how did she get those drop-dead sexy moves in the episode "Mix-Ups & Mistletoes," to say nothing of her performace in "Glee Clubs & Glory?"
    • Sexy moves are still up to debate, but the sequence in "Glee Club & Glory" can be the result of Austin's training.
      • It is clearly shown that Ally's own dance moves is what you see in Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing. Everything else will involve Austin's training.
  • In "Glee Club & Glory" is it a little bit too unfair for Marino High Glee Club to have two headlining pop stars on board? The two of them can quickly turn the entire school glee club into real professionals.
    • Yes it is. In fact, in a real show choir competition, there would probably be a rule against it. (See Glee, where people who are paid to perform are forbidden from being part of competitions). However, this being a one-episode thing, we probably aren't supposed to wonder about it too much. Also, Austin and Ally, being the main characters, are immune to such considerations.
      • It's entirely possible that the sanctioning body in Ohio has a less, shall we say, fast-and-loose interpretation of the rules than the one in Florida.
    • It is apparent in the show that Trish and Dez are singing and dancing at pro levels, although Fridge Logic that they spend lots of time with the main duo and their musical abilities rubs off to them.
  • In Costumes & Courage why almost everyone failed to tell Ally from Taylor Swift? Ally is One Head Shorter than Austin but Taylor is almost as tall as him without heels, and if she is rocking heels like Ally worn she will be towering over everyone.
  • In "Fresh Starts & Farewells," when Ally was Austin's opening act, doesn't it seem odd that that many people are going to like her right away? She's not even into the chorus of "The Me That You Don't See," and they're all cheering as if she was Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. You and I as a TV audience know how talented Laura Marano is, and we all know Austin has mentioned Ally as his songwriter on numerous occasions, but within the universe of the show, it just doesn't seem like she'd be accepted by Austin's fans as easily as the star of the show.
    • Ally is the songwriter behind Austin’s hits, so I do expect Austin fans quickly digging Ally’s songs as they come off the same brain.

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