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Headscratchers / Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

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  • Who are the asgardians going off to fight? You don't equip weapons to fight a natural disaster.
    • Presumably, Odin stealing the Mead of Immortality didn’t sit well with many of the other Isu, and they decided to personally ensure the Asgardians were punished for it by attempting to kill them.
    • Alternatively, and more likely, was that Loki rounded up several of Suttungr’s soldiers and convinced them to attack Asgard as a distraction to draw the Asgardians away from the machine and give Loki a chance to slip in while the place was largely undefended to inject his own DNA and reincarnate in a future generation so that he could destroy Odin once and for all.
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    • It may also be further "translation" of things to the understanding of the world that Eivor understands - they interpret the end of the world as Ragnarok and a grand battle, so that is what they are seeing the events of the end of the world of the Isu appear as, including an opposing army, rather than a massive solar flare. Only one of those Eivor has a frame of reference for.
  • Given that the Norse colonists of the time were pretty accepting of assimilating outsiders into their communities, one finds it unfortunate that all the orphans Eivor encounters in side quests can't be brought into the fold of Ravensthorpe. It would have given those moments lasting impact instead of being forgotten immediately.