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Headscratchers / Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

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  • Why build entire temples to house one measly recording?
    • Well, this Troper assumes that if the First Civ had damning information about events that are considered vastly important to Humans not in the know, (Essentially, everybody) it'd spell catastrophe for that civ to find it before they were ready. It's basically skirting the Prime Directive. When Humans become curious enough to actually go searching for these artifacts, they're ready to handle the information contained within. Plus, if unsavory types got their hands on that info, who knows what they'd do with it?


    Finding the temple 

  • How did Aveline find the first temple? Did she wander around the jungle until she stumbled on it?
    • The Temples have probably been there for thousands of years. There are probably legends and folklore about these things that anyone stubborn enough and observant enough can connect the dots and go "Oh shit! First Civ tech!" Also, remember that Assassin's have the Eagle Sense or some variation of it -depending on the Assassin in question- and Ubisoft just skipped the majority of her investigations and got to the fun part.

    Agate's behaviour 
  • Agate. WORST. ASSASSIN. MENTOR. EVER! Seriously, what the eff man? "Oh no, my apprentice wants to talk to me inside my own home, she MUST be a traitor!"


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