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Headscratchers / Assassin's Creed: Embers

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    Language glitches 

  • So, the Poirot Speak in the games is justified as being caused by glitches in the translation software. What is the justification in Embers, where the action is apparently not being viewed through the animus?
    • Do you speak 16th Century Italian? Or Chinese?
    • No, but that is what subtitles are for. Or use Translation Convention and ditch the Poirot Speak.
    • Chances are Ezio's VO can't do 16th Century Italian. It's an Acceptable Break from Reality and a Translation Convention, because the alternative is for a series that had 99% exclusive English voice acting to have a short film in a different language with a different main VO just because they couldn't work the Translation Convention into the story.
    • The point was that there shouldn't be Poirot Speak when the glitches of the Animus' translation subroutines do not come into play. They apparently only left it in because they want to seem consistent with the games, but the justification is no longer present.
    • And why do they need to justify it? They kept it in to maintain consistency with the games for fans, who are the ones watching this. It's that simple.


    The young man 

  • Who was that young man at the end of the short?
    • According to Darby McDevitt, he's "no one". Wild Mass Guessing has him pegged as anything from a Templar, an Assassin, Death, somebody after Shao Jun or just someone similar to Ezio in his early days.
    • Well, his demeanor towards Ezio seems to put the Templar Theory on top of the scale. He acts a lot like Vieri, and the Psychotic Smirk on his face while Ezio coughs isn't exactly subtle. Ezio just starts coughing up out of nowhere, and the guy just smirks and tells him to rest before leaving, while Ezio gives a Death Glare at him. It's pretty clear the guy's a Templar and was sent to finish Ezio off after all the problem he's caused. I mean, the guy defeated the Borgias and Prince Ahmet, cost the Templars no less than THREE PIECES OF EDEN and ruined their plans for Italy and Mediterranea, not to mention his guiding of Shao Jun to defeat the newest Templar Chinese Emperor. They WERE going to send a hitman at some point, if only to ensure Ezio would stop meddling with their affairs even after retired.
    • You're missing a lot of detail there; Ezio was in bad shape before hand, especially after the battle the night before. He was clearly unwell before the man showed up since he needed Sofia to support him and had to rest on the bench, and he starts coughing before the man even touches him. No poison acts that quickly, he's in the heart of Assassin Country, and his official cause of death in the encyclopedia is that he succumbs to health issues arising from a lifetime of injuries. The man is no one, as the Word of God stated.

    Heart attack 

  • Another thing about Embers: Seems strange that Ezio would suddenly keel over from a heart attack at the age of 65 while sitting on a bench when he still seemed to be very fit for his age in the earlier fight. Not to mention that he has been fitter than most throughout most of his life and should probably have a longer natural lifespan than just about everyone around him. Would have been more believable if he had been wounded during the fight to protect Shao Jun and succumbed to his injuries.
    • He may not have sustained any injuries but he was visibly worn out by the fight.
    • Also, fighting for most of your life does exact a toll. Injuries, stress, strain, the build-up of scars - all of that will, someday, present its bill. Ezio's been at it for over two-thirds of his life. Modern athletes, even with all our medicine, rarely stay active even that long. Assassin genes and all, he was living on borrowed time.
    • Then how come Altaïr lasted into his nineties? He was pretty active too. Or maybe it was a genetic thing, since Altaïr and Ezio aren't related?
    • Altaïr was using the Apple to prolong his life.
    • And the last few decades of his life he avoided physical exertion.
    • The Animus Edition book of Revelations hints that the massive fire Ezio escapes from near the endgame caused a respiratory illness. Easy to stress the heart if you can't get oxygen properly. Also, consider that most hybrids can have a genetic defect of some kind, one that can simply be hereditary, like a congenital heart defect that manifests in old age.
    • Remember, that fight ended with Ezio as the sandwich filling between a large and fast-moving Brute agent and a larger and immobile tree. Assassin genes or no, that's almost certain to have caused internal injuries.

    Shao Jun's language 

  • What language is Shao Jun speaking in Embers? She seems a bit young to be fluent in a foreign language, and the odds of Ezio knowing Chinese seem pretty low, seeing as he had barely any Turkish (Sofia gets a free pass, since her database entry mentions she's poly-lingual).
    • It seems fair to assume she is speaking broken Italian that she learned by immersion, seeing as how she presumably had to spend some time tracking down Ezio's residence after she arrived in the country.
    • Not that hard, actually. Italian is a fairly easy language, though of course it's going to be a lot harder for someone whose mother tongue is of the Chinese variety and has learned the likes of Persian or Turkish on her travel; but it's still perfectly possible for an intelligent / talented person to speak understandable Italian after a few months spent in the county.
    • Well, the database mentions that Sofia was poly-lingual, I believe. Seeing as how Ezio was no longer living as an Assassin by the end of Revelations, she could have been educating him. It could have been part of furthering their relationship. That said, I'm not sure if she knew any Chinese. Maybe a little, since I believe there were some Chinese folks living in Constantinople.

    Shao Jun's clothing 

  • So Shao Jun knows she is being followed by the Emperor's agents. Her being from "Cathay" would already be exotic enough in 16th century Italy, but her traipsing about in the dress of her native country would surely draw even more unwanted attention her way and leave a trail for her enemies to follow. It would actually make more sense for her to wear local dress, maybe disguise herself as a young man and cover her face or perhaps borrow a dress from Sofia during her stay at Ezio's home.
    • Dressing inconspicuously has always been something the Assassins have had trouble with except when Dressing as the Enemy is needed. And her clothes aren't that much different from Italian Assassins, people would probably just assume she's no different from the other couple dozen or so Assassins running around the place.

    Flavia and Shao Jun 

  • Shao Jun was looking for Ezio, right? So why, when she met Flavia, did she take the girl's hand and walk in the opposite direction? Flavia knew her father was in the field at the time.
    • It's general policy that you establish trust with children before you ask questions (which Shao Jun was likely doing). Thus, Shao Jun probably hadn't asked where Ezio was yet, and Flavia didn't know she was looking for him, so she didn't say anything.