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Headscratchers / Angels of Death

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Beware: unmarked spoilers!

  • Why does an underground murder-factory have a Self-Destruct Mechanism?
  • In Episode 3, where did the bodies of Eddie and Cathy go after they died? We know that Danny disappeared from his floor because he turned out to be alive, but that doesn't explain how the other two vanished. Did Gray somehow dispose of their bodies before his first meeting with Rachel?
    • Do note that the players are playing from the perspective of a drugged Rachel at the time. For all we know, their bodies are there, just that Rachel doesn't register them as being there and instead hallucinated them being still very well alive. This could certainly explain the early puzzle parts of Episode 3 and the 'moving toy hands'/'prisoners walking around freely' later on. The only body that we know is confirmed gone is Danny because Rachel herself is back to normal at the time, and that has already been explained as him still being alive. Anything else that happened during the beginning and the end of Rachel's hallucination during both her and Gray's descent down the floors is unclear.
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  • How did Rachel manage to take the knife with her to the rehab facility?