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Headscratchers / All Hail King Julien

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  • Why would Crimson blame Clover for her failed wedding?
    • Clover really didn't do anything besides get nosy.
    • I guess it's because Clover was openly against the wedding, making her think that Clover somehow affected Julien's decision.
  • Gecko milk? In "Daddy Julien" Maurice "milks eleven geckos for a small amount of gecko milk, but acknowledges that geckos don't actually give milk. It begs the question, then, of just what Mort drank...
    • In season 5, we find out that the Julien family line is allergic to Gecko milk and turn into 'night creatures' when they drink it. If they don't give milk, and it has this effect, maybe some kind of drug?
  • How did Crimson manage to convince Sage to attack Clover?
    • Sure, he throught that Clover herself asked him to kill someone else named Clover, but I have a hard time believing that flipping Sage Moondancer would straight up kill someone without having a good reason to do so.
  • The poison...
    • In "King Juli-END?", Crimson feeds Julien with poisoned soup. While he does display symptoms of poisoning during the episode, by the next episode, he is alive and well, despite the fact that the poison is likely still in him. Huh?
    • How can animals even have poison in the first place? It's probably a natural plant that shows poisoning symptoms for a short time.
      • Well, there are poison frogs, a plant called tangena whose nuts are poisonous, and probably poison snakes or spiders. Considering how they are given human traits (speech, memory for knowledge, and tool-making abilities), it is quite possible that they learned to harvest it.

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