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Headscratchers / Alien Surf Girls

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  • Are the girls Human Aliens in the same way Doctor Who is, rather than Humanoid Aliens?
    • For the most part, they are human aliens, with no biological differences that can be discerned. The difference is that they can interact with/control/sense energy. move objects with their minds and when necessary, convert to an energy form. In their corporeal form, the only departure from standard biology is that they need to absorb massive amounts of electrical energy once per day.
  • I'm an American watching this on Netflix and I've never been to Australia, so please forgive any seeming cultural ignorance on my part when I ask this: In "Good Vibrations", Amber is asked by her mother to do the laundry "first thing [in the morning], so it's got all day to dry." Don't they have driers in Australia? We even see a couple of seconds later that there is a modern washing machine in this house and something that vaguely resembles a drier on the wall next to it. My point here being, why would it take all day for the laundry to dry? The basket her mother hands her looks like it's about one load, which shouldn't take more than a couple of hours with a typical washer and drier.
    • True, but....if you've got nice weather outside, and there's no need to have freshly cleaned and dried clothes right now, then why waste electricity and run up an unnecessary bill using the drier when you can just let it all dry in the heat of the day?
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    • As an Australian, I can confirm the above supposition is true. We only use driers when it's a rainy day or when the clothes are needed immediately after washing. The rest of the time, it's more convenient to hang them on the line and let sunlight/heat dry them out.

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