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Headscratchers / Afterlife with Archie

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  • Are we supposed to believe Polly was one of the Greendale witches' sacrifices? But they only needed one per generation, and Jellybean already filled that role for Archie's generation. And if that's the case, what exactly happened to Polly?
    • The deal with the Greendale witches was one child from each of the three families for three generations. So it's not far fetched that Polly could have been the sacrifice for the Coopers.
    • I read that bit as just one big dark joke on how they're both family of iconic characters in the Archieverse yet both have absences from other stories even in situations where you'd expect them to show up. As for witches only needing one child, well, did they say they could only take one? If not, then it's easy enough to believe that through one way or another (an honest mistake, throwing in another child to carry favor) that both Polly and Jellybean were sacrificed when only one of them were needed.
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  • Just how did the zombie outbreak spread beyond Riverdale so easily? Because the Afterlife With Archie's zombies, while a bit smarter than The Walking Dead comic book’s zombies, in that the AWA’s zombies are smart enough to remember who they hated and they have zombie dogs such as Hot Dog and Vegas who are much faster and stronger than the humanoid zombies and have their animal senses of smell and hearing as well as night vision, and Zombie Jughead himself is much faster and stronger than the other humanoid zombies and also can command the zombies to go where he wants, Zombie Jughead and the zombie dogs still can NOT be everywhere at once. So how can the AWA zombies spread so easily to areas that Zombie Jughead, Zombie Hot Dog, and Zombie Vegas are not present to help them in their attacks?