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Headscratchers / Afro Samurai

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  • The basis of the story, is that only the Number 2 Headband Wielder is able to go after the Number 1. Despite this, Sio and Kuma clearly attack Afro and steal his Number 1 headband at the beginning of Resurrection. While this could have easily been made a retcon, Afro instead has to spend the first half of the sequel tracking down the Number 2 so he can finally re-challenge them.
    • The idea is that since he wasn't actually wearing the headband and acting as the Number One, it was okay.
    • As I recall, Kuma at least at one point had the Number 2 Headband (along with every other headband he could get his hands on. Sounds like it's within the rules to me. He could've just discarded it later.
  • How the hell did Afro's dad kill Sio? She was the number 1 and was clearly wearing the headband.
    • Because she stole the headband instead of challenging and winning it. Thus, she never got its godlike powers. We never see her sitting on the top of the mountain, after all.
  • Why didn't Shichigoro just destroy the number one headband? I realize that doing so would cut the film down a bit and they most likely needed the movie not to end too abruptly, but if after explaining that the headband causes more trouble then it's worth why not just burn it or cut it into tiny pieces and toss them into sea?
    • This is an idea that's never confirmed. What are the Headbands? Are they just normal pieces of cloth with no power or are they supernatural items. How did Afro's #2 headband survive in prime condition from when he removed it to when he get's it back? Either people are fighting over cloth or these things actually have literal power and can't be destroyed. Discarding them will just result in them being found again.

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