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Headscratchers / Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

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  • I was wondering why Alvin Davenport did not ditch his airplane in the mountains, the river, or Forster Bay. There would have been no risk to civilian casualties and he would have lived.
    • He didn't have enough control. He was fighting right to the end, and when he was ready to ditch the plane, he didn't actually have the ability to turn it without tearing his plane apart. He had no choice by the fly straight to his final target. And if he got the flight path wrong, ditching into the river would cause the plane to break up or skip like a smooth stone, the latter result causing MORE collateral, and both outcomes resulting in the pilot being ripped apart by debris.
  • When the squadron gets wrongly accused of attacking civilians, the investigation seems to mostly consist of you being accused, saying "no we didn't" and getting cut off by the attack on the city. Don't your high-tech planes have gunsight camera tapes? Data recorders of any kind that could have been recovered?
    • Here's a hint: Belkan conspirators would have ransacked your stuff while you weren't looking!
  • Ragriz etc. ultimately gets classified for 10 years. Was Genette even able to publish anything?
    • Legally, NO.