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Headscratchers / A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

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  • Why does Darius hold back in the first two fights if his only desire is to kill Yvette? He's a pretty crappy assassin if he waits for his target to come to him before going all-out.
  • Why is Darius weak to holy? Yes, he's a ghost... except he's not one in the Undead sense. He seems perfectly tangible under normal circumstances, to the point that characters are shocked by The Reveal. The saecelium fallout only seems to have made him The Ageless, or at most some kind of unstuck-in-time situation. Does holy magic just repel anything with an unnaturally extended life? Even that should be accounted for by the reality-warping properties of the saecelium...
  • Where did Ivy learn about taxes, public policy, and vegetarianism? She acts like an Ordinary High-School Student from our world more often than she acts like someone who lived in isolation for 14 years.
    • Translation Convention? Maybe the words for those things in the Somnian language are more explanatory than in English?
  • What's so special about the second barrier in Balfur? Why can the saecelium resonator break through the outer shield but not the inner one?
  • How do the characters know about Halloween???
  • Why did Gram tell his kids about angels but not the part about how they'd try to kill them?
    • Heck, why do they even have an angels = good association in the first place? In Gram's soul tear, he says "How could you call [the Lydians] angels [after what they did]?" This implies their culture has the exact same view of angels that Christianity does... except that their only exposure to angels are "those monsters who tried to kill us". It's weird that they still have such a favorable opinion towards the Lydians.
  • Why are Jerrick and Clive so suicidal? Clive could possibly be explained by grief over Jerrick's death, but why does Jerrick purposefully work himself to death, even after it becomes obvious that he can't hide his condition and the others offer to help him? He seems like a Martyr Without a Cause.
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  • Why don't the protagonists try harder to save Raccoon? During his nihilism speech they're practically in tears, but once the battle starts they have no qualms about reducing him to bloody mist? After investing so much effort it's weird that they just seem to give up.
  • So according to one of the New Game+ endings, Yvette can override Raccoon's suicide attempt and save him, leading to a happy ending. Why didn't she do that in the standard ending???
  • Why do you have to fight Weiss? Supposedly he's immobile. It should be possible for the protagonists to just run away.
    • He's attacking you, and you need to raid his body, and its too dangerous to get close until you take him out? Also, he might be able to lock the doors or something?
  • How can the railway station possibly connect to Ivy and Mint's chasm? It's miles to the north of the mine.


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