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Headscratchers / A Murder Is Announced

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  • Was it really necessary to stage Rudi Scherz's death in such a manner? Since the whole point of the "announced murder" was simply to fake his suicide, wouldn't it have been easier to do it more quietly, somewhere where no one can see? Choosing such a spectacular method meant there was a room full of witnesses to the murder, one of whom would indeed later identify the killer. Also, what if Rudi Scherz had told his waitress girlfriend (or someone else) the name of the person who hired him to do the whole "murder game" act? That would have immediately blewn the killer's cover. Seems like the killer choose a needlessly complicated way to fake Scherz's suicide, when something much simpler would have made much more sense.
    • Well to be fair she did bribe him not to tell anyone, and he did seem like a bit of a thrill seeker... I think we all know the real reason was for an awesome setup though.


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