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Headscratchers / A Haunting

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  • Okay Tropers, how many stories featured on A Haunting have been known about BEFORE they appeared on the show. Either from news or from people in the actual areas at the time? And how does it relate to what was shown on screen.
    • Needless to say both The Haunting and Connecticut and The Haunting in George had been featured on other shows before hand.
    • Summerwind, Sallie's House and the Wheatsheaf each already had their own reputations.
    • Troper from Maryland will vouch on "House of the Dead". My mother grew up in the same neighborhood (grandparents still live there) as Billy Bean. She and her siblings knew about stories of a boy who claimed his house was haunted back then. She also says the priest shown in the interview was indeed a priest in the area except he was much younger than the re-enactment showed him to be.
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    • Some are a bit hard to tell because of The Mountains of Illinois, being set in a city where the locals know of multiple hauntings, or both.

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