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Headscratchers / A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

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  • Why doesn't Timmy just wish he was ten again?
    • Why would he? He always complained in the series of his age. He probably prefers being 23.
      • He keeps acting like a ten year old right down to staying in the 5th grade just to keep his fairies wouldn't it be easier just to stay ten physically as well?
      • Being bigger than everyone else eliminates bullying...
    • Being physically ten would attract some stares, as he'd pretty much never age.
      • I'd agree except that this is Dimmsdale we're talking about. The populace is not exactly known for it's perception of things. Bizarre things happen all the time and no one seems to notice or care.
      • He could just say he has a "glands problem" or something of the sort. If people can be deceived to think that you get Laser-vision from the internet, they'd be naive enough to believe that.
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    • OR wish everyone saw him as ten?
      • He's not that smart.
      • Wouldn't he still have the "It would attract stares, he'd pretty much never age" problem if he did that.
      • So a 23 year old man staying in fifth grades doesn't attract the stares?
      • Less than a kid never aging. Never aging is supernatural, a weird adult staying in fifth grade isn't.
      • This is Dimmsdale. The only person who is smart enough to notice is Crocker.
  • Is this in a different canon than the series or did Cosmo and Wanda just forget the fact that they've been human before? And that they have legs and armpit hair in fairy form.
    • Considering they have lived for thousands of years, they must of forgotten about it.
    • How exactly do you forget about having legs and armpit hair?
      • Two words: Negative Continuity.
      • Negative continuity doesn't work here. You can see their legs when they're floating.
    • In Cosmo's case, I think it's because many fairies are child like and may not have armpit hair. For Wanda, she didn't just have legs, she had leeeeeegs. As in long, smooth, and curvy.
  • How come Poof can just float around in plain sight?
  • None of Timmy's ten-year-old classmates seem to question anything about or even find it strange that this twenty-tree year old man is taking their class year after year and keeps acting like they do. If fact, Timmy seems to be the 'cool kid' of the class and even has a new pose of completely undiscriminating fifth-graders.
    • This is Dimmsdale. Timmy, Wanda, and Crocker are pretty much the only people who ever question anything.
  • Why can't Timmy drive? In the special where they go into the TV and he starts growing up to save Cosmo and Wanda, he looks at his driver's liscense to see his age and still has his fairies.
    • If I remember, the age of Old Timmy was at least 23, and he probably got his license right after he got the van.
      • He didn't mean Old Timmy, he meant Timmy at the end when he was aging himself up to save Cosmo and Wanda. When he was 16 or 17 (16, I think), he pulled out his wallet and looked at his driver's license.
    • Actually my question was why is he driving a bike since he's obviously able to drive and still have fairies.
      • In Channel Chasers, he is seen with his license but not a car. In the movie, he rides a bike because it goes along with his intent to be as childlike as possible in order to keep his fairies. When he gets his van at the end of the movie, he is no longer under these constraints and is able to drive without risking losing his fairies, and although he was not used to the controls, he could have already gotten his license at an earlier date and had chose simply not to drive because it could put his fairies at risk.
      • Some time after Channel Chasers, he did something that changed his future. It seems to happen that way every time he wishes himself older or loses his fairies and gets them back.
  • After you turn 18 years of age, a school can probably expel you as a lost cause, or transfer you to a "special" school.
    • A fairy did it.
      • Actually, a fairy probably did do it. In the beginning at Crocker's classroom, Crocker even lampshades this by mentioning the only way Timmy could possibly be in 5th grade still is with, "FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!"
      • I can just picture it:
    Principal Waxelplax: Now Timmy, since you're 23 I think it's time you left school.
    Timmy: Well, gee Principal Waxelplax, I sure wish it wasn't.
    Principal Waxelplax: Well that's good! Because it's not! Now run along, you wouldn't wanna be late for class, now would you?
  • Why didn't Timmy, you know, lose his godparents when he told Chester and AJ he had them? Or lose them when Crocker found them? Or lose them at any other point in the movie when they were obviously floating around?
    • The Rules seem to be different on such aspects in the movie than they are in the show.
    • Well AJ and Chester didn't believe him, and Da Rules just seem to ignore Crocker, even in the cartoons (he knows they're Timmy's fairies and has captured them at least once before.).
      • Actually, in the first episode with Remy, it's stated that as long as the person finds out that Timmy or any other child has fairies on their own and not by the child telling them, the fairies stay.
      • I'm pretty sure they never say that. The closest thing they say to that is that your fairies can't tell you when another kid has fairies and you need to figure it out on your own.
    • (OP of the question) Yeah, but later in the movie Tootie says to Timmy, "I can't believe all these years you had fairy godparents and couldn't tell anyone about them!" (Along those lines.) So apparently the rules are the same in the movie but forgettable?
    • Well that doesn't mean all the rules and details of the rules are the same. I'm pretty sure they changed some things for the movie (that true love makes you lose your fairies thing is new).
    • Jorgen was being chased and distracted by Vicky. It seems like whenever Jorgen is trapped, Timmy can break a few rules without notice. He already willingly told Crocker he had fairies in Wishology, but nothing happened because Jorgen was captured.
      • His fairies were captured with Jorgen. What exactly was he going to take away? Plus he was the chosen one in that, so taking away his fairies would probably be a bad idea.
      • Exactly, plus the fact that the events in Wishology were beyond Timmy's control, for a change
      • The point still stands. If Jorgen, the enforcer of Da Rules, is in a position where he cannot enforce them, then the rules do not get enforced. Not to mention a new episode that aired right after the FOP Movie touched upon this subject: When Jorgen became too sick to enforce Da Rules, Cosmo was left with the task, to which Timmy exploited him to wish up various violations of Da Rules. Despite nearly destroying the world, Timmy is given relatively a slap on the wrist as punishment (explosive bingo is a lot better than losing your fairies).
    • And to be fair Timmy probably told Chester and AJ on a gamble: Worst case he still loses his Fairies as he would giving in to true love, but it would save both the Faires and Tooty, and at the least get some help saving both if they didn't get taken away.
  • Wasn't Timmy and Tootie falling in love with each other kind of quick?
    • Tootie has always loved Timmy. And in the movie Timmy really only didn't like Tootie because she was not beautiful. So when she became beautiful, the barrier he set up was broken.
    • More like he realized she was actually a really good person, considering how much he goes on and on about how brave and dedicated she is. She used to annoy him, but now they've both grown up and matured. Her looks were never mentioned.
    • He could've just thought she was hot and been under an illusion of love. Happens to everybody.
      • Timmy falling in love with Tootie, true love, is plot of the movie. Wanda even carries a device which can measure it.
      • A bit out of continuity, but in an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch they also had a way to determine true love, at the end they said that for most teenagers and young adults, its always true love at that age.
  • What happened to Crocker?
    • Revealed at the end that he fell out of the sky in front of the Turner house, although this scene only appears in the extended cut.
  • If Timmy and Tootie are going to go around the world granting wish to others what would be the point of kids having fairy god parents anymore?
    • One group of fairies going around the world isn't anywhere near the same as having hundreds (probably thousands) of fairies in different places of the world at the same time.
    • Another thing, didn't Chester do this exact same thing in the Fairy Idol movie? And if I recall correctly, that didn't go so well.
    • ^Exactly. Chester was the guy that wished for rain in the Sahara and warmth in the North Pole because he didn't know that the animals had adapted to survive in such climates. Since Timmy is maturing, hopefully he'll be smarter with his wishes.
    • What Chester was doing seemed to be glancing at the place he was at, seeing how he would not like it then changing it. Timmy, Tootie, Cosmo (ok maybe not Cosmo), and Wanda would hopefully discuss something and know the ecosystem before making any big wishes.
      • Also keep in mind that Chester had Norm as his fairy godparent in that instance, whose wish granting is more devious than the fairies.
      • No unfortunately, it actually does backfire in the sequel. Timmy gives a girl a flying unicorn which scares her half to death when she wants to get down, gives another girl a monster truck who runs over a bunch of other cars possibly killing others, turns a boy's Kaiju toy into a real Kaiju that nearly destroys Tokyo, and gives two criminals a big screen tv and home theater system that they clearly don't deserve.
  • It's been 13 years in the movie so can someone explain to me why Poof is still a baby? And for that matter why are they talking about him speaking his 'first words'? Don't "Mama" "Dada" and "Timmy" count as words? Or any of the other things he spoke in a few certain episodes?
    • Maybe since they live forever they stay babies longer? As for the words, I have no idea.
    • Fairies age slower than humans.
    • It seems like the "first words" was originally part of some larger subplot that was cut down to save time.
    • Yes, clearly fairies age slower than humans. And the characters seem to think that Poof is slow in growing up. Not a freak like a thirteen-year-old human baby, not even as weird as a twenty-three-year-old fifth-grader. But it's a little unusual when a thirteen-month-old human baby still hasn't begun to walk and talk, and that's how they think of Poof. I've thought of a theory (better suited for WMG than here) that for fairies, the maturing process is tied to their changing godchildren. So that since Poof has never changed from Timmy to someone else, he grows up more slowly. Hey, that would explain why he said his first words right after he temporarily lost Timmy.
  • Couldn't Timmy have helped out Crocker in the end? I mean, yes, Crocker's been his enemy and all, but the guy really is miserable and it's kind of Timmy's fault he's this way. Why not Throw the Dog a Bone?
  • Ok, so when Magnate told Crocker that the girl was the solution I totally thought he realized that making Timmy fall in love would distract him and/or remove his magic as a problem. But then why would he kidnap both Tootie and his fairies? That just honestly ensures that Timmy would come and save them. If he had just kidnapped his fairies without Tootie he could have defeated Timmy and possibly if vice versa he could have had a trap ready that would have forced him to choose between his fairies and Tootie. But by catching both he literally brought about his own demise.
    • Because Tootie is in his way regardless of her relationship with Timmy. He doesn't want another incident involving a bulldozer.
  • Uh... yeah, people might consider this nitpicking, but... Why do Cosmo and Wanda remain animated for most of the movie while Jorgen is played by a real actor?
    • Jorgen is very human-like already, and every other fairy isn't.
  • Where the heck is Sparky?! Sure, Cosmo told Timmy to feed the dog but then Wanda goes and says he doesn't have a dog. Timmy got Sparky in Season 9. This movie takes place 13 years after the show. Where the heck did he go? He couldn't of died because Sparky stated himself that fairy dogs don't die.
    • Movie was made before they created the character. same happened with Poof. Channel Chasers ended in the future and we saw Cosmo and Wanda, but no Poof. again because the episode was made before they came up with Poof.
      • I know that. I'm not an idiot. But what's the canon reason that happened? I mean seriously, they shouldn't of added Sparky if they made two (soon to be three) movies set 13 years in the future where he's not even mentioned. This just proves the movie's not canon.
    • Maybe Sparky got taken away? Jorgen can't take Timmy's godparents because they've been assigned to him until he officially grows up, but he wasn't assigned Sparky - as far as I'm aware, Timmy just bought him at a pet shop in Fairy World because he was banned from the ones in Dimmsdale. Thus, Jorgen would probably have the authority to remove him from Timmy's household even if Timmy still had Cosmo and Wanda.
    • One could ask the same of Chloe, though the easiest explanation is that the movie was made before she was conceived.
      • From what little I've seen of her, Chloe seems responsible and mature enough that she would rightfully shed her fairies as she grew into adulthood.
  • One of the reasons children have fairies is because their lives are miserable without them, and several episodes show that Timmy has been at risk of losing Cosmo and Wanda at various points due to his life becoming too perfect - hence, being a child, either physically or mentally, is only part of the deal. So why does 23-year-old Timmy still get to keep his fairies? His life isn't as miserable as it was before - he doesn't have to be babysat by Vicky anymore, he's too old for Francis or anyone else to bully him, his parents only want him to move out because he's 23 years old - not exactly very neglectful or unreasonable - and he probably could've graduated from school if he'd applied himself, so having Crocker for a teacher is still his fault, as well. Couldn't his godparents thus be taken away for the severe lack of misery in his life?
    • He's desperate enough to ruin his chances to live a life like anyone else would by locking himself into eternal childhood and forcing himself to act like a child even when he shouldn't be. That's mentally unhealthy and even if it's his fault most of those happened, it does make him sound kind of miserable if he goes that far as to hang on to his fairy godparents for years. He may not show it, but one must be pretty sad, desperate and messed up to force themselves to live childhood forever. Timmy being happy during the movie is him enacting a child fantasy, which is how he gets away with it. Take away his fairy godparents, and it undoes everything they've done to make the child part of him that he's keeping alive happy.


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