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101z, VV31c0m3 t0 T33V3 tr0p3Z0rz!!!11

'\/\/t 1s d15 ab0ut?'' Thl5 1z TvTr0p3sz, n00b! we has t3h ub3rn3$5 h3r=|, r0flm40! :DDD

Tropes is ev3rywere. And t3h tr0pes R ub3r ub3r 1337!!1! :D. But U has 2 make t3h R0X0RZ B0X3RZ tr0pes, |\|00b. Noth3ng b0r1ng, kk? :(

L0L, we iz c4lled "TV Tr0pez" becuz that is w3 st4rt3d w1th, n00b. But we haz m0re p4ges than that, L0L! Tr0pes h3pp3n to us 2, FTW!. 3nd sum 3ven h4ppen IRL!. (L33t, h4x, pwnt!)

W3 R l33ter th3n W3k3p3d1a. Y0u can mak an3 Tr0pe U want 2! But 1f teh tr0pe sux0rz, it dies, FTL. M0st Tr0pes can b3 found th3r3, pwnt!. And U can talk Ub3r Ub3r l33t on ane page, 2!

T3h Forums R up there, n00b. Und3r "Tr0perv311e"

L0l, hax, kzzt, pwnt, r0flma0, FTW!