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  • The Cheese Family:
    "It's such a lovely day today. Let's go to the Zoo!" exclaimed a vaguely aroused Carren.
    "Why, that's a fantastic idea" ejaculated Eddy. "I shall awaken our baby children Belle and Bill".
  • This site gives a list of common mistranslations used by women on Russian dating agencies, often caused by using outdated dictionaries for translation — among them are "gay" (used in the old sense), "intercourse" (not what you think) and "intercourse agency" (a dating agency).
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  • Invisible Dick The linked page is full of these.
  • Looking up 'spunk' at the Urban Dictionary will net you references to Australian slang for a really hot guy (supposedly a contraction of "sexy punk"), and American slang for marijuana. It's even more fun to look it up on—not only does the word "punk" appear again (in an even more obscure meaning involving wood—no, not that kind of wood, the kind you light fireworks with!)—but it brings up ads for sperm banks. Kinda puts a whole new spin on this classic exchange between nervous new employee Mary and her irascible boss, from The Mary Tyler Moore Show (circa 1970):
    Lou: You've got spunk...
    Mary: Wh- why, thank you.
    Lou: ...I hate spunk!
  • An aversion of this was mentioned in Zero Punctuation: Everyone in Britain stops snickering at the name "Spotted Dick" by the time they turn twelve.
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  • The Happy Spacemen, by rathergoodstuff.
  • Invoked by the SCP Foundation with the gayest man alive.
  • The Runaway Guys reference the trope namer during the New Super Mario Bros. U Let's Play, as part of the "Timstones" song.
  • The Register does this quite a lot. One article (about The BBC website's supposed obsession with the bird species Parus major) was headlined "BBC continues to milk great tits".
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged episode 43, after the Androids' stolen van has broken down:
    Android 18: Hey 16, how's that tranny coming along?
    Android 16: I do not believe the car identifies as either male or female.
    [18 and 17 go back to their conversation after a beat, until 16 makes a realization]
    Android 16: Wait, did you mean the transmission? Because it's fixed. (cranks the motor)
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd remarks with a laugh that it says 'dumbass' in the Bible. Which is true, but it's 'dumb ass' as in 'stupid donkey' and not the insult.


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