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Have A Gay Old Time / Toys

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  • Would anyone today even think of naming a kit full of miniature girders, bolts, and platforms, to be marketed to young boys, an "Erector Set"? Worse yet, an ad for it said, "Boys today... men tomorrow!"note 
  • We have the Autobot Erector, who only fights when provoked.
  • This toy dog called Gaylord. He comes with a bone of his own.
  • There was a plastic toy company called "Gay Toys, Inc".
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  • The writer of a 1980s promotional jingle for the Hackey-Sack doesn't seem to have considered how this line would scan to the toy's teenage target audience:
    Flip it like this, flip it like that, I can keep it up for days, I'm a Sack aristocrat!
  • The G1 My Little Pony series had a slumber party-loving pony named Pillow Talk. Granted, the intimate act of pillow talk itself can be platonic, but still...


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