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  • One Piece referred to a certain stream as the "Knock-up Stream" (in those exact words, even in the Japanese version). One Piece: Grand Adventure, which had its dub made by 4Kids, referred to it as the "water spout", but Pirates Carnival called it the Knock-Up Stream.
  • Fairy Tail having the main characters be part of a guild the same name is fine, but then you get some weirdness in the times when someone calls a member of said guild "a fairy".
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  • In the first episode of Haruhi Suzumiya, two other students tell Kyon about Haruhi and say "Her queerness takes a path unlike anything you've seen." Though given some of her behaviour, maybe they didn't just mean to call her weird.
  • In the Scramble For The Throne arc of Kinnikuman, one of the five impostor Kinnikumen is a Mexican wrestler named Mariposa (Butterfly). It's supposed to be a reference to his graceful, high-flying techniques, but in an anime with muscular, scantily-clad men grappling...
  • In general "XXX" in Japanese just means "(blank/variable thing)", but in English speaking language generally means something to do with pornography or moonshine. One work that could suffer from this trope is ×××HOLiC.
  • The Big O is also a name for The Immodest Orgasm, among other more tame things.
  • Panda and the Magic Serpent, Japan's first color feature animated film, has an English dub that sounds quite liberated for the 1950s: "There was a gay festival in the village. Everybody was celebrating."
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  • In the school arc for Black Butler younger students who act as servants for older students are referred to as "fags". Which is probably where the association with homosexual men came from in real life as this system was practiced in all-male boarding schools in England.
  • The English dub of Chrono Crusade uses accurate 1920s slang which causes this to occur.
  • The Cures' first magical attack in Futari wa Pretty Cure is Pretty Cure Marble Screw.



  • Done intentionally in Full Metal Panic!, where Sosuke nearly drowns in the school pool and Tessa, a submarine captain and his commanding officer, comes to his rescue. Tessa says she's got experience in "the water business", which is Japanese slang for prostitution (in the English dub she says she's got experience "getting wet"). Kaname mutters "That's kind of a poor choice of words..." under her breath.


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