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Hate Sink / Yu-Gi-Oh!

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"Say goodbye to Exodia!"
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Keith Howard, more commonly called Bandit Keith, arguably qualifies for this trope. To wit, he has his goons kidnap Jonouchi (Joey) to duel Ghost (Bonz), traps our heroes in the same cave the duel took place, steals Jonouchi's entry card, and tried to cheat in their duel in the Duelist Kingdom finals. His thuggish Smug Snake personality serves as a counterpoint to Big Bad Maximillion Pegasus' cultured Magnificent Bastard, and accordingly it's Pegasus who gets to serve Laser-Guided Karma to Keith, flat-out killing him in the manga and quite literally ejecting him from the tournament in the anime.
    • Insector Haga (Weevil Underwood) is even worse. He was the one that threw Yugi's Exodia cards off the deck of the cruise ship on the way to Duelist Kingdom, after all. In his duel against Yugi in Duelist Kingdom he manipulated Yugi into dueling in an arena that gave him an advantage (and still lost); he flat-out cheated in his duel in Battle City (and still lost); and in the Doma Filler Arc, the moment where he pretends to rip Yugi's soul card in half to torment the poor Pharaoh (and then mocks him for his subsequent breakdown) is one of the most despicable moments of any character in the franchise. Not that he doesn't immediately pay dearly for it... and speaking of which, it's rare to find a fan who doesn't think Haga/Weevil deserves it, and some think he deserves it just for the stunt he pulled with Exodia by itself.
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    • In contrast to the Big Bad of the Battle City arc, that is both incarnations of Marik, their father has absolutely no redeemable qualities that make him likeable or sympathetic like the normal Marik nor is he entertaining to watch like Yami Marik; instead, he is shown to be a completely Abusive Parent who sees protecting the Pharaoh's memories was more important than the well-being of his children or his wife to the point that he is willing to put Marik through intense pain during the Tombkeeper's Initiation against his will, treating his adopted brother Rishid as nothing more than a servant. As a result, nobody was sorry to see him go when Yami Marik stabbed him to death with the Millennium Rod.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Jun Manjoume's eldest brothers, who do not feel any bit of sympathy or attachment towards their sibling. The only thing that they need him for is for winning, to avoid besmirching their precious family name. It's really cathartic when Judai defends his rival after the brothers berate him for losing.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's:
    • Placido. During his duel with Yusei, he casually summons a thunderstorm and throws lightning and tornadoes around a heavily populated city for LOLs. When the sheer scope of the destruction is actually shown, you can't help but wonder how many lives the bastard took, and unlike the Dark Signers, there is no reset button in sight.
    • Takasu is a corrupt warden who sadistically abuses the inmates in the Detention Center, confiscating their decks as well as lying and cheating to get his way. Rex Godwin orders him to observe Yusei's Mark of the Signers when he is arrested and sent to the Detention Center, but Takasu goes out of his to make things as unfair to Yusei as possible, challenging the latter to a duel despite his deck being confiscated, inflicting Electric Torture on Yusei whenever he loses Life Points (while ensuring he doesn't get the same treatment), and having his men use the security cameras to look at the cards in Yusei's hand. Takasu slowly loses it when Yusei counters each of his methods of cheatingnote  and when Yusei uses Takasu's Mill strategy against him to win the duel, Takasu breaks his end of bargain and attempts to have Yusei locked up, all the while denying he ever made such a deal. Godwin (who was watching the entire duel and had discovered Takasu's abuse of power) puts a stop to him and fires him on the spot for his sadism and lack of honor. Among the many antagonists without supernatural powers, Takasu is definitely one of the most loathsome, being a bully (as shown by how he abuses his authority as the warden and sadistically tortures the inmates), Politically Incorrect Villain (looking down on people from the Satellite District), Sore Loser (refusing to accept his loss against Yusei and trying to lock him up), and cheater.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL has the Greater-Scope Villain Don Thousand, for his game-breaking deck that borders on parody and his cruel treatment of the Barians and how he corrupted them (including Vector).
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V:
    • Eita Kyuando is a smug Jerkass with a heaping dose of Insufferable Genius to boot.
    • The Doktor from the Fusion Dimension is even worse. He brainwashes the Bracelet Girls and sends them after the good guys just so he can taunt them about their bonds being shattered. He even goes so far as to show Yuya he has Zuzu under his thrall as he repulsively caresses her face with his hand.

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