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Hate Sink / Akame ga Kill!

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Champ really puts the Monster in Monster Clown.
  • Akame ga Kill! introduced us all to a horrible, unforgivable scumbag in the form of Prime Minister Honest, who ruins the Empire from behind the scenes. His Establishing Character Moment has him support the child emperor's order for the execution of a man who was trying to get him to listen to reason while lying that he will take good care of his family. The hate he receives from everyone is justified by the fact that he is defined as a heartless Smug Snake, Dirty Old Man, Dirty Coward, and one hell of an Ax-Crazy psychopath, and he allows murders, rapes, and tortures to be carried out and even gives his son a band of evil criminals that he allows to carry out their own heinous atrocities disguised as "justice". It definitely doesn't help that he even plans to corrupt the emperor so that things will only continue to get worse even after his own death, and even a lover of Syura's was horrified by the fact that he was the son of Honest himself. It's rather fitting that he got a well-deserved Undignified Death in both the anime and the manga; the former had his face pummeled to the point of becoming a bloody mess courtesy of Leone, and the latter saw to it that the rebels gave him a fate just as, if not more embarrassing, with them pinning him to a table and cutting him limb from limb while he was sobbing and frantically crying out and begging for his life, and his death was left uncensored in the annals of history, with his limbs and nose all having been cut off.
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  • Likewise, his son Syura is just as bad, if not worse. He has a group of psychopaths called Wild Hunt that launch brutal attacks and terrorize the populace under the guise of justice just to have fun at the expense of others, tortures a member of Night Raid in horrific manners to get him to speak, and rapes and murders Bols' wife and child right on top of his own grave. This bastard is defined by sheer arrogance, selfishness and pettiness, even to the point of boasting that he is the "untouchable son of the Prime Minister". People were absolutely thrilled when they saw him get his well-deserved Humiliation Conga, as he was punched HARD by Wave when he tried to rape Kurome right in front of him, and later learned that Esdeath forced his father to disband Wild Hunt much to his shock and disbelief, and was finally garroted by Lubbock so that he couldn't inherit the throne of the emperor like he wanted. In the anime, he was setting up human bombs only to end up eventually having his heart crushed by Lubbock through the use of his Cross Tail, and fans of the anime were very satisfied about it as well.
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  • Let's not forget Syura's Co-Dragons Enshin and Champ, both utterly loathsome serial rapists with no redeeming qualities. Champ in particular manages to be as repulsive as Prime Minister Honest, Syura and Enshin put together, which is really saying something. To wit, he's not just any old rapist, he's a child rapist who believes that adults are disgusting and that children are pure angels that "need to stay pure forever". When a woman tries to protect a little boy from his lust, Champ angrily beats her to death for getting in his way. And when fellow monsters Syura and Enshin corner the grieving widow and daughter of a true war hero at his grave, he wastes no time in raping the daughter while Syura and Enshin have their way with the wife. And keep in mind, this guy has been doing this for years. In fact, he is the reason why Run joined the Jaegers: he was a former teacher whose class of young students were all murdered and raped by Champ, and he wants him dead for slaughtering those children. Infuriatingly, he flat out tells Run that the only thing that he remembers about that day is that he was pissed off that their screams for help ruined his fun, and otherwise has it blurred in his memory due to the sheer amount of child victims that he's claimed. Seeing Champ incinerated to a charred corpse, and from his own reflected attack no less, courtesy of Run himself was greatly cathartic.
  • Youken is a government parasite for grueling entertainment including a game where they guess the gender of a baby inside a pregnant woman before ripping it out of her body.
  • Zig-zagged with Esdeath. She is a bloodthirsty, violent, and sadistic warmonger who acts as the most prominent villain in the story... and yet she shows a few redeeming qualities, such as being a good leader to her new squad and honoring their deaths. In spite of her positive traits, the manga frequently states that she is a monster and a demon and has been ever since her birth.
  • And who could forget the first example of this in the series: Aria, who appears to be a sweet and cute Good Samaritan who takes in travellers in need of food and shelter but is in actual fact a sadistic and cruel girl who abducts poor people, and together with her parents poisons them and has them brutally tortured for days on end. She even tries to keep her facade and try and trick Tatsumi into thinking she's innocent, but the minute Ieyasu reveals what she did to Sayo, she completely drops the act and rants about how jealous she was of her black hair and treated her "extra special" for that, acts like her crimes aren't even bad and has the gall to expect her victims to be grateful for her taking them in. The minute Tatsumi slices her gut open is one of the crowning moments of the series.


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