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  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Vivio with Nanoha and Fate (trope image). Vivio calling them both "Mama" for the first time was accompanied by the sound of the Nanoha/Fate shippers going Squee!. The third Megami Sound Stage suggested that Fate is being sent on deep space missions to distance herself from being considered Vivio's mama. This ultimately proved futile since Vivio still sees Fate as her mama four years later in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, and Vivio notes in the "Second Mother's Day" one-shot that despite her frequent (and often, unexpected) absences, she sees her as her second mother and gives her gifts for Father's day. This leads a gag when Mariel meets Vivio for the first time without being informed about the part of her being adopted.
      "Ah, in other words, she's their chil- Whaaaa!?"
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    • Vivio's relationship with Nanoha and Fate gets taken Up to Eleven in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT where it's heavily implied that Nanoha and Fate are Vivio's biological parents due to Einhart's warning Vivio that revealing the circumstances of her birth after the latter almost lets it slip that Fate is her mom could cause a time paradox. Later on in the same chapter, Vivio almost accidentally calls Nanoha her "mama" as well.
    • Fate once tells Vivio that she has two mothers herself, albeit in a different sense, mentioning Precia as her biological mother and Lindy as her adoptive one. INNOCENT would make it a more traditional example, with Precia and Lindy being Heterosexual Life-Partners, extending this to Alica and Chrono as well.
    • And before all of that, we have Reinforce Zwei, who Hayate created based off of data from the original Reinforce and herself.
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    • Cinque, Nove, Dieci, and Wendi have a similar situation to Fate, as they continue to view Jail as a father figure even after they're adopted by Genya.
  • After the events of Sailor Moon's Infinity arc, Hotaru becomes the adopted daughter of Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama, and is watched over by Setsuna-mama as well.
  • Pretty much by series definition, the parents of the characters in Vandread. Ezra, one of the female side characters, was pregnant with the child of Rebecca, another female crew member, via technological gene-mixing. Males from Tarraku are made in ex-utero factories and raised in orphanages, and so get no parents at all. The higher class Tarraku men can choose who to reproduce with, and Bart obviously knows of at least one parent though, so the "no parents" bit seems to be confined to the third class citizens.
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  • A common joke among Dragon Ball Z fans is that Gohan has two dads - Goku and Piccolo - the latter of whom is half-jokingly suggested to be the better father to him, despite Goku being his actual dad. And despite his relationship with the latter starting out with Piccolo kidnapping him.note  Piccolo is often seen to understand Gohan better than Goku does (on account of Piccolo being among the smartest characters among the fighters) and has spent more time with him (on account of Goku being dead for half of Gohan's childhood).
  • A complicated one due to usage of gender flipping. In the Fate Series, Mordred is the "son" of King Arthur and Morgan Le Fay. Arthur, who is really a woman and her real name is Arturia/Artoria/Altria, is temporarily given a male body by Merlin so that she can copulate with someone and have an heir (as her true gender and sex is kept secret to avoid the sexism of Ancient Britain). During this time, Morgan gets Arthur drunk and seduces her into having sex with her, collecting her semen so she can use it along with her own (Morgan's) ovaries to create a homunculus (clone) of Arthur, that homunculus being Mordred. Mordred considers Arthur her "father" and Morgan her "mother", however. You got all that?
  • Ojamajo Doremi's second and third seasons center around four/five 10/11-year-old girls (Doremi, Aiko, Momoko, Hazuki, and Onpu) and a 5/6-year-old girl (Pop) taking care of the baby Hana-chan.
  • The main character of the CLAMP manga Man of Many Faces, Akira Iijyuin, has two mothers who were twin sisters, which he called Mommy A and Mommy B. He also had a father who's mostly a Disappeared Dad except for one time he disguised himself as Santa to see his son on Christmas Eve.
  • In Kyo Kara Maoh! Greta ends up with two adopted daddies, Yuri and Wolfram.
  • Two of the women in Iono the Fanatics have a child together through the power of science in the epilogue.
  • The Arume in Blue Drop have two female parents by definition, since that race only consists of women. They also only interbreed with earth women, so their hybrid offspring has two mothers as well.
  • Pokémon:
    • One episode featured a Nurse Joy reflecting back on her childhood. In the positions of encouraging her in her ambitions, we see not a mother and father... but a pair of Nurse Joys. Just one more headscratcher in the mystery that is the Joy/Jenny collective.
    • Pokémon: The First Movie has a non-indicative Japanese teaser trailer which shows a grown-up Misty presumably in a relationship with the blue-haired lady from the port. The trailer shows them with what appears to be their daughter.
    • Another episode had a Smoochum with three mommies.
  • Almost there in Pet Shop of Horrors: Regardless of Leon being Chris's brother, he's a parental figure... and so is Count D.
  • The behind-the-dust-cover omake to The Day of Revolution features a child referred to only as 'Junior,' who was raised by Megumi and Makoto. Various origins for the kid are proposed in order of increasing unlikelihood.
  • Fay D. Flourite of Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- likes to think of himself and Kurogane (Dad) as parental figures to Syaoran and Sakura. This is made a lot more serious later in the series with Real!Syaoran for whom they basically are surrogate parents.
  • In a similar vein, Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club sees himself as a father figure to the rest of the club (and especially Haruhi). With Kyouya, apparently, being the mother...
  • Cibo and Sana-Kan from Blame!. In a very literal sense, considering the child is composed of genes from both of them, with Cibo as the mother, and Sana-Kan as the father. Somehow.
  • In Spider-Man J, Sho Amano's parents aren't dead, just in the US. His aunt, Mami Amano, nonetheless insists she's his mother, much to his annoyance.
  • Bikky of FAKE is adopted by Ryo, who goes on to date Dee. There's no sign that Dee adopts him as well, but they all do eventually move in together.
  • Motoko Gettou in Change 123 has three fathers, and it is each of their training that led to... her Split Personality problem.
  • One more from CLAMP, though it was more of a joke: an omake of Drug & Drop was an alternate universe in which Kakei explained to his son Kazahaya that he was remarrying to Saiga (Rikuo's father), and asked Kazahaya to call him "Mommy" from now on, "to avoid confusion". Kazahaya's brain protested.
  • Alexi in Shinkuu Yuusetsu was raised by his two daddy figures; the biological father and his (non-sexual) male partner. He eventually gets to meet his mother, but opts to go back home to be with his own partner and father(s).
  • This is implied at the end of Wild Rose with Kiri, Mikhail, and Camille.
  • In Happy Yarou Wedding, Shouta, a five-year-old with a Missing Mom, is delighted to have "Yuuhi-mama" become part of the family when he and Todou get together. Yuuhi is less than keen on the name.
  • In Sweet Guilty Love Bites Ryuna eventually gets a second mommy in Mayu in the form of a "helper", even if it is kept quiet.
  • A roundabout version of this is in Gunslinger Girl. Speranza is Triela's biological daughter (thanks to Hillshire preserving her eggs), but it's Roberta Guellfi who carried, gave birth to, and raised her.
  • Sorenari ni Shinken Nandesu has Oosawa raising his daughter Chizu as a single working father after his divorce. Enter Yoshioka, who is interested in Oosawa, and in no time flat, Chizu herself has two daddies.
  • In the extra chapter of Ebisu-san and Hotei-san, Hana explains to her friend that she has three mommies: her biological mother, her aunt "Mayo-chan," and her aunt's "friend."
  • This is implied to have happened to a minor character in One Piece, thanks to Emporio Ivankov's Horm-Horm Fruit powers giving him power over hormones. One of the functions of his Devil Fruit is to gender flip someone with his "Emporio Female Hormone". When the character comes to try and kill him as revenge for his father getting turned into a female (don't ask...), he gets turned into one himself, with Ivankov providing this line.
    Ivankov: Two mothers and one daughter. Doesn't that sound lovely?
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, through some combination of Fanon and historical context, Canada has two father figures in both France and England. Of course, that's not always a good thing, considering they have a rather... disfunctional relationship, to say it politely.
  • Oneshot Yuri Genre manga The Female Body provides a rather awkward example. A woman with a toddler divorces her husband and begins dating his sister.
  • Downplayed but definitely present in Saint Seiya Episode G: Assassin, one of several possible Saint Seiya futures. Hyoga adopts a small girl named Natassia, who calls him "Papa," and a special chapter showed that she also calls Shun "Mama." It's explained that they live in the same apartment building and so Shun watches Natassia while Hyoga is at work (and that she might think Shun's a woman), but that naturally doesn't stop the happy shippers.
  • Subverted in the short yuri one-shot Mama Mama. It seems like the two women are raising children together, but the ending reveals that they are next-door-neighbors cheating on their husbands.
  • In the one-shot H-Manga The Heir of the Curse has a family comprised of almost nothing of this. This is due to a curse placed on the family by a mountain goddess who in a fit of rage at being deceived of being given a woman for a husband in recompense for a village girl stealing her clothes got the woman pregnant and was later revealed that her daughter had the same ability and said curse bred true.
  • Subverted in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Kanna has both Kobayashi and Tohru as Parental Substitutes, but she views the latter as a Cool Big Sis instead.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, there's Akatsuki, who is being taken care of by his two mothers: Kudelia and his biological mother Atra, who are married. Akatsuki's father, Mikazuki, died in the Grand Finale.
  • In Zaregoto, Aikawa Jun has three dads - Saitou Takashi, Kajou Akira, and Aikawa Junya.
  • In Maho Girls PreCure we have Mirai and Riko raising Haa-chan, a fairy baby, from infant to a teenager, about the same age as the two of them. Riko showed symptoms of empty nest syndrome when a teenager Haa-chan displayed more aptitude in magic then she does, reflecting on the fact that she and Mirai are Haa-chan’s mothers. And then Haa-chan openly names Mirai and Riko as her moms in her self-introduction in Mirai’s class.
  • Humorously discussed in Dad, the Beard Gorilla and I, where Michiru's classmate points out that she has two daddies because she's being taken care of by both her dad and his younger brother (the titular Beard Gorilla). However, Michiru refuses to acknowledge her uncle as a Parental Substitute, and her relationship with him is more Like Brother and Sister. And all three understands that their living arrangement is temporary, and the brothers would go on their separate ways if either gets married.
  • In one-page short by Naoko Kodama, a lesbian goes before her girlfriend Nami's parents, asking for Nami's hand in marriage. In the next panel, it turns out that Nami has two mothers, and in the panel after that, one of Nami's mothers is also the daughter of a lesbian couple. The narration explains that because of scientific advances, women can have children with each other.

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