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  • An extremely fast one in Scary Go Round, which introduced a parody of Michael Jackson with a Creepy Child servant just a couple weeks before his death. The author commented:
    John Allison: The last thing anyone expects, when they have introduced a character who is a kind of grotesque version of a world superstar, is for that superstar to die. It is entirely possible that Michael Jackson sat down to read Scary Go Round yesterday, began to turn slowly purple at what he saw, and collapsed clutching his arm. Actually I know that isn't true. Jackson was on record (citation needed) as more of a Dresden Codak man.
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  • In Cuanta Vida: "If I killed 'em, they'ed replace 'em with someone faster." Poor, poor Liam.
  • xkcd: The mouseover text for strip #625, "Collections", reads: "You know what really helps an existential crisis? Wondering how much shelf space to leave for a Terry Pratchett collection."
  • Questionable Content:
    • The last panel of this strip, in which Dora freaks out about possibly sabotaging her relationship with Marten, has this effect if you've read through the rest of the series.
    • It gets worse — Jeph Jacques has admitted to a dependence on alcohol and a series of mental issues, so the dozens of strips about depressive people drinking heavily to unwind gets a bit uncomfortable.
    • In comic 1720, an exasperated Dora tells (a mildly terrified) Hannelore and Cosette that "It's a friggin' coffee shop. Don't show up drunk or high and try not to fuck up too much and you'll be fine." Many strips later, during a alcohol-fueled downwards spiral, Faye shows up to work drunk, and gets fired. It's one of the series' hardest moments to take.
  • The Easy Breather: Two British news reports are related to the DVD Jenny Everywhere and Samantha Lewis watched:
    • Sometime in 2010, ITN reported on an Indonesian boy, then 2 years old, who started smoking at the age of 18 months.
    • In July 2013, ParentDish UK had an article headlined "Parents who smoke 'deprive their kids of food, clothes and presents to fund habit'".
  • VG Cats had a small gag, in its 26th comic, about Elmo getting caught in a sex scandal. Years later, statutory rape allegations were made against Kevin Clash (Elmo's puppeteer, who had the job when the strip was published and ultimately had it for over 30 years), forcing him to resign.
  • Mulberry had a 2015 BANG! Magazine-exclusive story, "My Fat Lady", that comes off as this after the release of Ghostbusters (2016). The comic has Mulberry help Melissa McCarthy re-develop a less self-shameful sense of humor, earning the movie a reception as glowing as that of Ghostbusters (1984). The hopes that Ghostbusters would boast one of McCarthy's least crude performances would eventually come true, but it would only earn a So Okay, It's Average critical reception and box office performancenote .


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