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Harsher In Hindsight / BoJack Horseman

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  • BoJack's "The Reason You Suck" Speech in "BoJack Hates The Troops" is this when you realize he's actually venting all of his pent-up self-hatred that becomes more apparent in later episodes.
    • That whole episode can be seen as a Foreshadowing to what happened to Hank Hippopopalous, or rather what didn't happened to him, both involved in controversy. But being treated differently by the media, due to Hank being a beloved artist and as such, his CRIMES are mostly ignored. Meanwhile BoJack is some known politically incorrect jerkass who was just expressing his free speech.
    • A more subtle one: this episode is the first appearance of BoJack's parents. In Season 4, we specifically learn more about Beatrice's past, and how her family fell apart because her older brother died in World War II.
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    • Also in the first episode, we have Princess Carolyn breaking up with BoJack because of his lack of desire to have a child with her. Given her subsequent struggles with actually carrying a pregnancy to term, this becomes a lot harsher.
  • The very first thing BoJack says when he meets Herb? "Get cancer, dickwad". Especially bad because we only learn of Herb's terminal cancer one episode prior.
  • Mr. Peanutbutter revealing himself as an Anti-Nihilist in "Later" suggests that the character meant to be a more positive alternative to BoJack's self-destructive lifestyle is, in fact, far more miserable than BoJack himself. His story arc in "After the Party" furthers the fridge horror. Mr. Peanutbutter seems terrified of death and is even more terrified of the fact that he's going to lose Diane someday. And these fears come to haunt him in later seasons when his brother gets a possibly-fatal twisted spleen (though he survives) and Diane divorces him.
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  • All the jokes about Andrew Garfield, and the quip that you can't deny Spider-Man become a lot less funny after The Amazing Spider Man 2 did poorly and aborted the franchise, with Spidey himself being recast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • In "The Telescope," BoJack pulls over to the side of the road on his way home from Herb's, looking like he's ready to cry, but he doesn't. In "The Shot," we learn that his mother told him never to cry in front of other people when he was a kid.
  • In "Still Broken" At Herb's funeral when Sarah Lynn mentions that the cast of Horsing Around probably won't meet again until the next funeral, and everyone looks at Bojack. Becomes this when it turns out she's the one to die next.
  • Sarah Lynn all but foreshadowing her own death during her official debut in 'Prickly Muffin' in which she proclaims that she can just keep surrounding herself with sycophants and enablers until she dies a tragically young death. Cut roughly two years ahead...
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  • In the first scene of the pilot episode, BoJack defends "Horsin' Around" to Charlie Rose, saying, "It's not Ibsen, but..." We find out in season 2 that after attending a live taping of the show, BoJack's mother's only comment was, "Well, it wasn't Ibsen."
  • In "It's You" BoJack is seemingly is nominated for an academy award but it turns out this was mistake because the announcer of the awards, Mister Peanutbutter had lost the actual list of nominees and ended up announcing BoJack as one of the nominees. During that year's Oscar La La Land was announced by presenters as the winner for best picture instead of the actual winner Moonlight when a mix up with the award cards caused them to receive the card for the Best Actress winner instead of the card for Best Picture.
  • "That Went Well" having Adam Levine tweeting about Sarah Lynn's fatal drug overdose with the Innocently Insensitive hashtags "#SheWillBeLoved" and "#WatchTheVoiceSeason10" is particularly harsh after in Real Life, Adam Levine's onetime contestant on The Voice, Christina Grimmie, was murdered shortly after season 10 of The Voice finished and shortly before season 3 of BoJack Horseman was released.
    • Similarly, Season 4's "Thoughts and Prayers" became this in the wake of the Las Vegas Strip shooting that left 50+ dead and 500+ injured, as that exact (flippantly-delivered) sentiment got to be trending on Twitter. While the episode intended to mock this mentality, it was something of a bitter reminder of just how accurate it was. Made even worse when savvy watchers realized that, if Netflix had released the episodes weekly instead of en masse - this one would have played the same weekend as the shooting itself.
  • Beatrice's speech to BoJack about him being born broken is far worse after we learn about Beatrice's own dysfunctional family in "The Old Sugarman House" and her and Butterscotch's beginnings and subsequent harsh life in "Time's Arrow".
  • "Hank After Dark" sadly continues to be relevant every time news about sexual harassment in show business comes out (particularly the outpour in fall 2017, which left many well-known and beloved stars denounced as predators) but the case of Chris Savino is particularly harsh because one of the first alleged victims to speak up was Anne Walker Farrell- a storyboard artist and lead animator for the episode.
    • Also, one of the people accused of being a long time sexual abuser was Charlie Rose, who appeared in the show's own first scene (albeit not actually played by him, as he'd done in several other shows and films).
  • One joke in "Bojack Kills" can be particularly depressing, considering it was released over a year before the Weinstein sexual abuse allegations broke:
    Bojack: The Academy does not look kindly on murder. Rape, they don't seem to have a problem with.
  • In Season 5, Bojack insists the guilt he feels over all his misdeeds means he's suffered more for it than any of the actual victims of his behavior. Diane immediately calls him out on this by bringing up Sarah Lynn, and Bojack has a lot of trouble trying to uphold his claim because of that. Just a few days before the season's release, Norm MacDonald got in hot water for appearing to have this view toward the people brought down by "Me Too!", and then had a hell of a time finding the words to extricate himself.
  • After learning how The Amelia Earhart Story inspired Princess Carolyn when she was young, her gynecologist's way of announcing her miscarriage (see Crosses the Line Twice above) sounds even more heartbreakingly personal.
  • Vance Waggoner, the actor in "BoJack the Feminist" who continues to find work after giving insincere apologies for his many crimes, is inspired in part by Mel Gibson (particularly in the episode's opening scene, based on Gibson's infamous arrest tape). Less than two weeks after Season 5 dropped, Gibson was announced as director and co-writer for a remake of The Wild Bunch, despite many believing he hasn't owned up to his controversial behavior.
  • Flip McVicker's behavior towards Bojack and the rest of the cast during the production of Philbert becomes even more harsh, when Flip's voice actor Rami Malek himself had to deal with a lot of stress on the set of Bohemian Rhapsody, because the director Bryan Singer (who Flip might be based on) had misbehaved with him and the rest of the cast and crew, and was exposed for past sexual misconduct, which resulted in him getting fired and Fox not renewing their deal with him. And all of this happened one year before Season 5 was released.
  • The fact that a representative at "Disney-Fox-AT&T-AOL-Time Warner-PepsiCo-Viacom-Halliburton-Skynet-Toyota-Trader Joes" openly endorses the forgiveness of sexual abusers, takes an extremely dark turn with the James Gunn controversy, since he was framed by an actual alleged rapist and Disney initially sided with the latter by firing Gunn around the same time as their merger with 20th Century Fox (though he's since been rehired).
  • The plot of "Thoughts and Prayers" revolves around trying to deal with a film being released after a brink of mass shootings until eventually just shelving the film entirely due to becoming too much of a potential PR disaster. The same fate would happen to the 2018 TV series adaptation of Heathers, due to being simply delayed at first after the Parkland shooting, then cancelled entirely because the epidemic of mass violence especially about among young people was too distasteful.
  • Stefani gassing the cockroaches at Girl Croosh for trying to unionize is darker now that BoJack's animators have their own union struggles.
  • When Katrina (who is established as working with corrupt lobbyists) begins managing her gubernatorial campaign in Season 4, Jessica Biel gets heavily involved with California politics. Fast forward to 2019, and the real Jessica Biel- while not Ax-Crazy- also got involved with controversial California politics by lobbying alongside anti-vaccine activist Robert F, Kennedy, Jr.


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