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Handicapped Badasses in webcomics.

  • Mosa Zuberi from 2Masters is missing both arms, and almost lost his two legs. He can also take it off at will.
  • Daisy from Absent-Minded Theater has one arm, no legs, and is one of the most badass characters in the comic. Her mute cousin Ted is pretty cool, too.
  • As in the original mythology, the Arthur, King of Time and Space incarnation(s) of Sir Bedevere lost a hand during the Roman War. In the Space Arc, his prosthetic enables him to jack directly into the Excalibur communications console. Largely for the sake of a pun about hand signals.
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  • Peter from Bad Moon Rising is first seen hanging from a sewer pipe lobbing a Molotov cocktail at some waterlogged vampires. Peter was born without legs and forgoes the use of his wheelchair when not doing activities that require it, like playing Murderball.
  • Nin Wah from Commander Kitty may have a cyborg arm 90% of the time, but even without it, she can beat down dozens of goons four times her size!
  • Chrome the snow leopard from Dogfight counts as this after being declawed. Fortunately, he's still a Lightning Bruiser without them. Downplayed as well since he still has claws on his feet, which he uses when he fights seriously.
  • Dream Catcher has a blind ninja/assassin.
  • Zhor from Drowtales manages this despite first being in the form of a spider (It Makes Sense in Context) and then after getting his original elven body back manages to tackle Kalki whilst in a wheelchair and unable to walk in order to protect his daughter, who Kalki had just brutally crippled. And said daughter, Ariel, proves this is genetic when mere minutes after losing her arm in that confrontation not only nearly wins against Kalki despite the pain and blood loss but succeeds in stealing her arm as payback.
  • Homestuck:
    • Terezi is blind, but more than makes up for it with her skill at both manipulating other characters and beating up Imps in the Medium with her cane. She sees through taste and smell.
    • Vriska Serket is half blind and has a robotic replacement arm for a good part of the story. She was the one responsible for blinding the aforementioned Terezi, and she did so with her psychic powers in the immediate aftermath of the explosion that handicapped her, while she was still bleeding from her eye and stump.
    • Similarly, Vriska's ancestor lost an eye and an arm when she was captured by Terezi's ancestor, but she still escaped from her trial and killed the monstrous judge, even snarking that it was good that Redglare took her arm because it prevented her fight with the judge from being a boring curb-stomp.
    • Tavros, who is wheelchair-ridden, not only gets a rocket chair but can also commune with animals and underlings.
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    • Lord English has a peg leg.
    • Parodied with Terezi's alternate history counterpart, Totally Radical Large Ham Latula, who has no sense of smell. Characters alternate between being impressed by her courage in living life to the full even when it can't be smelled, and loudly proclaiming that having no sense of smell isn't anywhere near as disabling enough to qualify one for this trope.
    • Because of the kernelsprite prototyping, Jack loses his left arm when he takes the Black Queen's ring. It doesn't stop him from being a scarily effective Omnicidal Maniac. Also applies to PM, after she takes the White Queen's ring.
    • Sollux gets blinded partway into the story. He doesn't mind so much though since that injury also left him unable to hear the voices of the soon-to-be-dead, which he finds to be a huge relief. Besides which, he knows Terezi gets by just fine with her blindness and hopes to learn from her how to sense the world the way she does.
  • I Dont Want This Kind Of Hero: Raptor may be wheelchair bound, but she's still very skilled with blades and has a history as a child soldier.
  • Victor Vasko in Lackadaisy lost an eye in a labor dispute and was kneecapped by his ex-partner, leaving him with one knee that bends a little bit. Victor is still about 250 pounds of Slavic badass and took out a squad of well-armed gunmen before taking a load of Double-Ought buckshot in the side. He survived.
  • Last Res0rt has Daisy Archanis with a robotic leg. There's plenty of nifty stuff to do with it... assuming she can keep her balance.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Durkon's mother is missing one arm in a flashback scene. She can still pull off hanging onto someone about to fall off a cliff. Then there's Redcloak, who only became more dangerous and focused after the paladin O-Chul gouged out his eye. In the goblin's own words: "what I have lost in depth perception, I have gained in perspective."
  • In Redd, the heroine beats up monsters despite being born without any arms. She uses nanotechnology to psychically move robotic hands.
  • Marilyn from Spinnerette, who can barely even speak, much less move, without her Mecha-Maid power armor.
  • The three main characters of Sweet Dreams are all disabled. Tabitha has a prosthetic arm and can only see through one eye, Charlie is a wheelchair user, and Lorelei has both hearing aids and a service dog. Valkyrach also sees a battle with a huge Nightmare monster through despite her arm and ribs being battered too badly to hold her axe anymore.
  • Every member of the Wyre Cats in We Are The Wyrecats has a disability of some kind. It's a major part of what brings them together in the first place. Their XAG suits also make them powerful enough to incite the government to sabotage and shut them down.


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