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Hand Or Object Underwear / Web Comics

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  • One Sluggy Freelance arc has the main characters use this trope when Gwynn got drunk and accidentally summoned a swarm of clothes-eating moths. A good thing Torg had Emergency Pants.
  • Florence Ambrose from Freefall has done this from time to time. Unfortunately for her, since she has multiple sets of mammaries thanks to her nonhuman nature, even with the help of her tail it leaves some of her "naughty bits" uncovered. Her fur thankfully covers anything she has on her chest unless she's nursing or in heat (former has never happened, and the latter is unlikely to happen in such a nonsexualized comic) — but she still covers the same area as human ladies would due to cultural conditioning.
  • City of Reality has an arc where a character is seeking to undo a series of involuntary transformations caused by an evil magician. Naturally, the people so reverted frequently come back sans clothing, leading to some interesting moments.
  • Ménage à 3 features periodic occurrences. Two examples:
    • In a sequence that begins here, Gary uses in sequence a cushion, a live cat (fortunately very briefly) and finally his hands.
    • Matt needed to improvise when being kicked out by Dillon after having sex.
    • An unfortunate Gary once had to use his hands to cover another man once Yuki shows up unannounced. To the uninitiated, Yuki has... a bit of a problem with penises.
  • Used in this strip of The Whiteboard.
  • Happens in Shifters here, during Ferrah's Out-of-Clothes Experience. Upon realizing that she's naked she quickly crouches and covers her chest with her arms.
  • Ozy of Ozy and Millie resorts to this whenever the Llewellyn hair curse hits him (i.e. here), at least until he finds some pants.
  • Girls in Space - Red wears a hand bikini in this shower scene which sets up the Across the Universe in a Bath Towel storyline.
  • During the Schlock Mercenary book The Sharp End of the Stick, a group of Toughs are captured and stripped naked. Assorted objects intervene to prevent anything "naughty" from actually showing while they're unclothed, at one point even Lampshaded in a strip's author's note, explaining that Schlock's arms spread in a yawn conveniently covers body parts for which there was nothing in the scenery to block the view.
  • Questionable Content uses a cat, of all things.
  • Garnet and Gure: The Kor-Gumi, depicted in this cartoon, is an eight-armed, woman-like creature that makes use of her many hands in lieu of clothing.