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Hand Or Object Underwear / Literature

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  • In the Ian Fleming novel Dr. No, James Bond first encounters Honey Rider emerging from the water naked instead of wearing the famous white bikini of the movie and is surprised when her version of the standard female modest gesture includes hiding her badly broken and disfigured nose instead of her breasts.
  • Discworld
    • Archchancellor Ridcully quickly demands Ponder Stibbons' hat for this purpose in Terry Pratchett's Night Watch when his bathtub ends up in the courtyard (long story) and he realizes that among the men of the City Watch there are, in fact, also women. He did have his own hat, but he was wearing that one and refused to take it off.
    • Averted by Vimes in the same book: when he returns from his time-traveling in his birthday suit, he doesn't waste an instant trying to cover up, but rushes home to defend his family from a vengeful killer.
    • Ridcully himself saw this trope in action in Reaper Man, when an unlucky shopper's suit ran away and he chased it into the street, with only a hastily-grabbed washcloth to serve as a substitute garment.
    • The master bathroom at the Ramkin country estate is decorated with white marble lovelies dignified with urns, bunches of marble grapes, and the ever-popular length of gauze which had, happily, landed in just the right place to stop art from becoming pornography.
    • In Maskerade, Greebo the cat turns into a human when cornered by an angry shopkeeper, and grabs a nearby bowl to cover himself — thereby spilling cold pork drippings on his crotch.
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe X-Wing Series features Wes Janson having this happen to him. After months of pulling pranks on Wedge, he earns Wedge's "greatest revenge" — he's tricked into a situation where he's naked, covered in what looks like fruit-and-leaf compost, and the only thing around to cover himself with is a life-sized stuffed Ewok doll. Then he walked into a room filled with the rest of the crew.
  • In Whispers Under Ground, Peter describes a statuette found in a murder victim's home this way:
    It depicted the ever popular "Venus-Aphrodite surprised by a sculptor and struggling to cover her tits with one hand and keeping her drape at waist height with the other" so beloved of art connoisseurs in the long weary days before the invention of Internet porn.
  • In David Rakoff's Verse Novel Love Dishonor Marry Die Cherish Perish a character photographs another posed with oranges in front of her bare breasts.
  • In Hungry as a Wolf, Wolf Cowrie is forced to cover himself with his Stetson when Susannah Twohill walks in on him as he's getting out of the bath.