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  • Some of the mice from the Angelina Ballerina series books and first cartoon series.
  • Possibly subverted in Redwall; on one occasion the Big Bad Badrang cuts a random minion's belt when he finds himself in need of a piece of cord, and everyone sniggers when said minion's kilt drops off. On two occasions, prisoners have suffered a Shameful Strip, which presumably wouldn't matter if they didn't consider clothing important in some way. In contrast, the cartoon show followed this trope; as well as most of the characters only wearing shirts, it showed Skalrag wearing variously only a cloak or nothing at all, and unusually depicted the female character Trefoil with an unclothed lower half as well.
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  • In the Little Critter book series written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer, Little Critter can be seen wearing a shirt but no pants in the book When I Get Bigger, In the book I Just Forgot Little Critter can be seen wearing a rain coat but not only forgets to wear his boots, he forgets to wear his pants. Also in The New Potty Little Sister takes off her diaper in order to go potty. Also in the book I Was So Mad Little Critters animal friends who are playing baseball can be seen wearing shirts but no pants or shoes. Now days in the recent Little Critter books, Little Critter wears overalls and isn't seen half dressed or undressed anymore.
  • In The Muddle-Headed Wombat, Wombat's usual outfit is a battered old straw hat and an overcoat with nothing beneath it. (The supporting cast are Accessory Wearing Cartoon Animals.)
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  • In the chapter-heading illustrations of Garry Kilworth's Welkin Weasels series, Montegu Sylver appears fully clothed including shoes, though he is apparently wearing nothing but a cloak on the cover illustration and is described in the text as not needing anything more than a cloak since he has fur. Scruff and Maudlin wear only jackets and hats. Bryony Bludd wears a full skirt which would not look out of place in the Victorian era the books are based on except for the fact that she is apparently topless except for a very large neck-bow. Mayor Jeremy Poynt fits the "jacket and hat" rule, with the addition of spats - but no shoes.
  • Koziołek Matołek, from the Polish children's book series of the same name, is a shirtless, anthropomorphic goat.
  • John Varley does this with an eight year old boy for the show-in-the-book in The Golden Globe
    John Valentine: Interesting. But what about the pants?
    Gideon Peppy: Donald Duck never wore pants.
    John Valentine: Yes. And Donald Duck was a cartoon, a water fowl, and imaginary. And, apparently, sexless. You should bear in mind that my son is a real little boy.
    • Sparky gets a female sidekick with basically the same dress
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    • And they “morph some britches on ’em” for the “Planet of the Prudes”, Vesta.
  • In both The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny has Peter Rabbit and his cousin Benjamin Bunny wearing only jackets and shoes but no pants.
  • Destined to Lead: Resurge is this for most of book one, and continues to be even after coming into possession of a chripl-skin vest.
  • In How To Be Comfortable In Your Own Feathers, the Bird Doc wears a Labcoat of Science and Medicine, but nothing else.


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