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  • In one strip of Red And Rover, Red put a sweater on his dog Rover, who walks and acts like a regular dog. Rover looked down at his unclothed back half and mused that he felt more naked with the sweater on than with it off.
  • Over the Hedge plays with this trope. Verne's shell does act as clothes for him, leaving him without it either naked to be confronted by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol or to take part in a limbo contest (for example), or with tighty-whitey briefs. That does not, however, preclude his wearing clothes over it, usually full suits that include pants, shirt, and shoes. RJ's fur is more of an all-purpose covering, although he also wears clothes over it, most notably a parka when preparing for winter and a pair of undies and a robe when getting ready for a nude scene.
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  • Most of the cast of critters from Pogo.
  • Shoe: Perfesser Cosmo Fishhawk wears a shirt, sweater and shoes. He also has a sportscoat.
  • Ziggy until December 2009. After that he wears Long Pants.
  • Snoopy from Peanuts as "Joe Cool": sweater with his name on it and sunglasses.
  • Dutch newspaper comic Fokke & Sukke cranks this Up to Eleven by not only having both Fokke (a humanoid duck) and Sukke (a humanoid rooster) walk around with no pants, but also explicitly showing their (human) penises, with which they are very preoccupied. In case they do wear pants, they will have holes to accommodate their genitalia. Obviously, given their names (which are real Dutch names), lampshaded very often.
  • Heathcliff is normally entirely nude, like any housecat, but in one comic he disguises himself as a professor. The Comics Curmudgeon mentions the strange things about the comic in question and the post is titled "Also, I know several professors, and they rarely go naked from the waist down in public."
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  • The eponymous stuffed tiger of Calvin and Hobbes normally doesn't wear clothing at all, but in one strip, he dresses up in an attempt to go to school in Calvin's place.
    Hobbes: See? I told you it wouldn't work!
    Calvin: Of course not, dummy! You didn't put on any pants!

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