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Haiku / Until Dawn

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Friends Return One Night
To The Site Of Their Mistake
Some Regret, Some Don't

Scary Things Happen
A Psychopath and Stranger
Monsters in the Woods

Who'll Live and Who'll Die
It Will Be Your Decision
Will Any See Dawn?

Hunted And Picked Off
The Masked Man Is Not The Threat
The Wendigos are

The Friends' Betrayal
Leads to a Brother's Revenge
No Help Until Dawn

Psycho in the woods
And perhaps there's something else?
Things aren't what they seem

Slasher Film Homage,
Somehow Mixed With Heavy Rain
(Surprisingly Good)

O' Death sings the mountain,
O' Death cries the twisted sister,
O' Death Until Dawn.

Eight teens try to bond,
One of them is off their meds,
Monsters lurking too.

Eight teens in a lodge,
Stalked by a masked psychopath.
Cue the wendigos.

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