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Haiku / Touhou

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Many cute females
Dodge loads and loads of bullets
And inspire memes

Eastern Wonderland
Where all of the girls wear hats
(With some exceptions)

Shrine maiden and witch,
Backed by an awesome soundtrack,
Beat up old ladies.

Reimu (not that one)

"Screw this game," I yell
And then throw the controller
Flandre's just too hard

What the hell's this game?
Oh crap, too many bullets!
How is this so cute?!


Such beautiful patterns
Thrown by adorable girls
Who may be older

The Touhou Plots: Haiku Edition

Highly Responsive to Prayers
My shrine is destroyed!
The culprit who has done this
Will be ying-yang orb'd!

Story of Eastern Wonderland
I just had training...
... and monsters at home are rampant.
Chance to test training! <3

Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream
Fought a science freak
To get the contest's prizes...
Don't just take me home!

Lotus Land Story
A sleepy lady
Thought the following is fun:
Turning to atoms

Mystic Square
Went to kinda-Hell
Because of tourist demons.
That, my friend, is bad.

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Red mist is everywhere.
Time to fly to some mansion
And kill a vampire.

Perfect Cherry Blossom
Where's my goddamn spring?!
Looks like some dead girl stole it.
But look, pretty trees!


Immaterial and Missing Power
So many parties
That I can't think right no more.
Dammit, Suika.

Imperishable Night
They stole the full moon!
Straight from Japanese folklore!
It's Touhou... in SPACE!

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
The Shinigami
Sleeps peacefully at her post.
A rod is dropped. "Kyan!"

Shoot The Bullet

Mountain of Faith
There's only room here
For one miko, Sanae.
Spellcards at dawn, bitch.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Earthquakes screw things up.
Reimu beats the culprit up
But she enjoys it.

Subterranean Animism
From deep underground
Kanako invented nukes.
What were you thinking?!

Undefined Fantastic Object
Why can that ship fly?
Because Murasa's driving.
That explains it all.

The Chinese gate-guard
Dreams of fighting a cat-fish.
She's a real nut-case.


Miko from our world
Seeks out Mobile Suit Gundam
Beats up frog instead.

An ice fairy wants
To tame a beast, ends up with
A great doll master.

Double Spoiler
"Like, so scandalous!
These shots are, like, so pretty!"
Shut up, Hatate.

Fairy Wars
"I am the strongest!"
Three fairies destroyed her house?
Revenge shall be hers!


"Touhou 12.8;
Danmaku is bullet hell?
Hell's frozen over."

Ten Desires
A religious war,
exploited by one Miko.
(And a TANUKI!)

A tanuki comes,
But too late to fight the foes.
Gets beat anyway.

Hopeless Masquerade
Humans in despair!
The recent incidents have
left them in despair!

Double Dealing Character
Items are alive
Sakuya is coming back
Reimu kicks asses

Monsters from the west
Under the flying castle
פoppɐɯu ᴉʇ' Sǝᴉɾɐ¡

Impossible Spell Card
Punishment time~♥ ...wait
I'm the amanojaku!?
פOpp∀WN I┴' SƎIſ∀¡

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
"Try Pointdevice Mode!
It will make things easier!"

Earth, Moon and Dream World,
Guess: which one's under attack?
Easy, all of them!

Rabbits, dangos, dreams,
reversing the pure pure moon,
goddess' hamburgers.


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