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Haiku / Torchwood

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Beyond the police
Captures alien whatsits
In more ways than one

Series One:

Random bi moments
Way too much Owen and Gwen.
Pure Guilty Pleasure.

Marquis de Carabas

Everything Changes:
Contraceptives in the rain
and a magic glove.

The second show: "Day One"
Kinda naff so we won't use
this title again.

Captain Jack Harkness:
Two go from "In the Mood" to
In the mood for love.


Series Two:

Captain Spike, Adam
Undead Owen, Martha Jones
Wedding, Gray, Two down.

Marquis de Carabas

Children of Earth:

Aliens come for
Ten percent of our children.
Poor, poor Ianto.

Marquis de Carabas

Miracle Day:

Torchwood returns when
Death takes a big holiday...
Then so did the show...T_T

Oswald Danes:

Sick fuck to the core
Raped and slew a little girl
In Hell... wanting more.

Suzie Costello

The one who went bad
Got Driven to Suicide
With plans to respawn.

Here Lies Owen Harper No More

Tortured, soured soul
All of his loves doomed to burn
Dead, undead, then gone.

Toshiko Sato

Met Nine unawares
How her mother will miss her
She went far too soon.


Jack's lost brother
Presumed nuked with Torchwood Three...
Is he alive or what?


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