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Haiku / The Problem Solverz

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New show on T.V.
I watched it one day and asked,
What the Hell was that?

This is a bad show
The colors burn my eyes, man
What were they thinking?

No need to get high
Flash has never been trippier
Mind has been screwed

Newgrounds had a baby;
A deformed baby that should die
What a piece of Alfe

Well I have to say,
this show is getting better
It's still damn trippy!


On CN's website
I saw an ad for this show
Hatred at first sight

What were the execs
Thinking?! Seriously, watch
Finn and Jake instead!

This show is awesome
It's really quite creative
Haters gonna hate

People says it's cool
I laugh at their opinions
I show them talent.

I don't understand
Why the hell do they complain ?
This show is awsome

A kphoria base for style
My eyes, they are bleeding now
What the fuck is this?

Worst cartoon ever
Should have gone to Adult Swim
Why does it have fans?
—> Magnus Force

Problem Solverz blows
This show I think may just be
The spawn of Satan
—> sailoralkaline


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