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Haiku / The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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Still a good game though

Riding a wagon
To deliver precious milk.
"Boy, get out your bow."

Moon, masks, Majora
A world endlessly ending
Can one boy fight fate?

Dawn of the First Day
Seventy-two hours left
Lose your instrument
Now you are a Deku Scrub
Oh my God, Ben Drowned.

Guy wants his mask back
The moon's gonna kill us all
What the %&#@ is this?!

Had a bad nightmare
About this game. Last time played
Was five years ago.

Closed eyes, fixed smile:
"You've met with a terrible
Fate, haven't you?" Laughs.

Go, young warrior.
Bring hope to a dying world.
It's never too late.

Returns to stop the Moon's fall
While the dark mask schemes.

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