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Haiku / Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Cute Magical Girls
Fight with really strange monsters
Sounds pretty clic- CRUNCH.

Across endless time
She tries and makes no difference
The girl became hope


I miss my Mami
Not you, mom, you silly drunk
The one with no head.

Hey, he cannot help
Lacking grief or sympathy;
Just look at that face!


Sayaka Miki
Aims to fight For Great Justice
But she falls from grace.

"Let's make a deal," says
Surely this ends well!


Girls die and vanish
But one must watch unending
The death of her crush

Making just a wish
Making sure getting it right
Is a lot of work.
—Mew seeker

Mami Tomoe
Wished for life, first one in series
To die tragically.

My perverse desire:
Make a contract with Kyubey.
I won't regret it.
—>Disco Glacier

Magical Girl life
Ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Bunnycat's a dick.
—>The Otaku Ninja

The Power of Love!
"Did Sayaka just witch out?"
Fooled you! Suffer time.

Cute anime turns
To a metaphor for Faust
But with lesbians

Starts out sweet
Later not so much
Proving being meguca is suffering.
—>Little Lady Fandoms