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Haiku / MythBusters

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Don't Try This at Home.
They call us experts. We do
this for a living

Well, there's your problem
You forgot the copious
Amounts of C4!
Freezair For A Limited Time

Fish in a barrel
Easily killed by pressure
Now for Moar Dakka
By busting myths, they
Reject your reality,
Substitute their own.

Jamie and Adam
Blow up their experiment
Just because they can.

Five geeks, a dummy,
and more C4 than is safe
Bust common 'knowledge.'


Are explosions fun?
Let's try blowing something up!
Result: myth confirmed!

Education through
pyrotechnics that are turned
Up to Eleven.

Grant Imahara
Has his own special mantra:
"When in doubt, robot."

Quite a large "KA-BOOM".
"Am I missing an eyebrow?"
Yes, Adam, you are.

Adam and Jamie
Grant, Kari, and Tory, too
They will blow shit up!

Five wacky shop nerds
Science made really awesome
"Jamie wants big boom."



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