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Haiku / Minecraft

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This random-ass world
My sandbox is wide open
Look out for Creepers.

Trade with villagers
Find many chests in dungeons
Don't waste your diamonds

Lego meets mining
Don't look at the endermen!
They'll haunt you nightmares.

You could build artwork.
You could make a computer.
Or just a dirt shack.


Time to build a house.
Hey, what is that weird green thing?
It blew up my house!


Spawn in a new world.
Go out and punch trees for wood.
This might take a while.

Weary in the End.
Try to sleep—BOOM! Thank goodness
For diamond armor!

Minecraft is a game.
And lots of people play it.
Chessmaster appeal.

No definite plot.
Blocky, simplistic graphics.
Best game ever made.