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Haiku / Marvel Universe

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Marvel Universe

The Heroic Age.
Heroes are heroes again.
Except Daredevil.
— Adam Raby

Is this a Marvel?
Is Wolverine in this book?
If yes also yes

— Caesar McMagic

Blue eyes set in stone
Transformed by cosmic ray storm
It's clobberin' time

— Ben Tripp

The Punisher says
"Philosophy is useless
Die die die die die."

— Wendy Xu

Fin Fang Foom Attack!
My, such giant purple pants
Exhausted tailor

— Peter Smith

I died (Not like this!)
Then I got resurrected
Oh cool, Trick Arrows!

— J. Stolarcyk

Surrender, you say?
See this letter on my head?
Doesn't stand for France!

— Ryan King

Amidst the chaos
Heroes like Howard the Duck
Keep our children safe

— Mike Billeter

Chaos King is lame.
Burger King is much better.
And more dangerous.

— K.D. Bryan

Mouth full of big teeth
extraordinary long tongue
Do not kiss Venom

— Jeff Stephens

So sick of Deadpool.
That guy is everywhere now.
Even this haiku.

— Matt Rowbotham

My dearest Black Bolt
Tell me what I want to hear
Whisper in my ear.

— Dave Buesing

Taskmaster is dumb
Wasting his powers on crime
Pro-breakdance instead!

— Gavin Jasper

Moon Knight is the man
But a silver cape and cowl?
Lousy camouflage!

— Curtis Hempler

Define Irony:
The X-Man who won't come back
Is one called Phoenix

— J. Stolarcyk

Max Erik Magnus
Master of Magnetism
And all of my heart

— Sarah Yeazel

While Wolverine can
Heal every mortal wound
Name-calling still hurts.

— K.D. Bryan

All Chaos War long
Keep sending #mrvlhaiku
And we might print them

Shot me into outer space
Now I will smash them.

He has the Soul gem
Golden skin and golden hair
It's Adam Warlock

Wolverine is great.
He and Mariko are cool.
You should go buy this.

— Ben, Comic POP

Best at what I do.
Am I man or animal?

— Tiffany, Comic POP