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Haiku / Kyon: Big Damn Hero

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Kowa-Keigo Kyon:
a devastating fighter;
commands a demon.

End the Masquerade
With The Power of Friendship.
Prepare for Awesome.
Jason Ulloa

Mixing TV Tropes
Character development
And a harem plot
Pax Empyrean

Is it Special Hell?
Kyon used to think that it was
He is smarter now
Pax Empyrean

He told her the truth.
That was the start of it all.
Kyon: Big Damn Hero.
Jason Ulloa

According to Kyon
The Power of Friendship is
Worth believing in.
Jason Ulloa


Warp reality?
The power's to risky to use.
Needs a limiter.
Jason Ulloa

Beloved smothers,
by sad commonality,
brought them together.
Specular, about Kyon and Sasaki.

These words shatter worlds:
"Haruhi I am John Smith."
Time travelling Kyon.


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