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Haiku / Harry Potter

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Likes to wear glasses
All the time he plays with wand
The action begins.

This is a cool world
Where magic controls many things
And love conquers all

Snape, Severus Snape.
An evil jerk; or is he?
He's Dumbledore's spy

for Book 5:

Lupin: "People do
stupid things when they're fifteen."
Harry: "I'm fifteen!"

A boy called Harry
A monster called Voldemort
A fight to the death


For Book 1:
The wizarding world
Beyond imagination...
Welcome, young Potter

Harry's a wizard
The Dog Was the Mastermind
Snape's Good All Along

For Book 2:
Trouble arises
A murderous monster Harry hears
That's myth!...Or is it

Amazing series
about a magic boy's fight
against pure evil.

Avada cadavra
A bright flash of green light
A life has ended.

— Liveandlearn

Harry discovers
Fantastic world of magic
With danger... and angst

Book 3:
One Sirius Black
Has escaped from wizard jail.
Innocent? Guilty?

Book 6:
Layers of meaning
Are found for "traitor" and "prince".
No-one is the same.

No no no no no
It can't be over with now
Such a great series


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