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Haiku / Gunnerkrigg Court

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A red-haired cypher,
young scientist, fox demon:
Our protagonists.

New friends, psychopomps,
demons, robots, trickster gods:
Coolest school ever.

Ask around the court,
Everyone will agree.
Boxbot: Terrible.


Chapter One begins:
Robot 13, Shadow 2
Take It to the Bridge.

Two: We meet a myth
Living in a labyrinth.
(He has a time share.)

Three: A strange meeting.
Rogat Orjak hits the roof;
Annie hits her head.


Four: A timid ghost
Haunts the halls of Gunnerkrigg,
Not very scary.

Five: Zeta, Gamma,
Enter in the science fair.
Kat makes zero-G.

Six: Girls find cherries
Growing in a hidden room;
Memories bring tears.

Seven: On the bridge,
Robot 13 acting strange;
A disastrous fall.

Treatise Number One
Tells us, "Pray, read, read again,
Work, and you shall find."

Eight: A blinker stone,
Ghosts and suicide fairies.
Kat to the rescue!

Nine: Questions are asked;
Answers just bring more questions.
Reynardine may speak.

Ten: Go, Spacemonauts!
Aliens from outer space!
Earth is saved! (For now...)

Eleven: We see
What goes on in Zimmy's mind
While she waits for rain.

Twelve: Some robots have
Antennae, and they don't lie.
Annie's skills amaze.

Thirteen: Kat's first crush;
She likes him, and he likes her,
'Til he flies away.


Fourteen: Gods visit.
Coyote has a rude nose ...
Beware the spankies!

Treatise Number Two:
Kat is dressed as Eglamore;
Annie, as Surma.

Fifteen: Red returns.
Blue will be her BFF
'Cause her hair goes up.

Sixteen: Young Annie
Can face danger, because of
What her mother said.

Seventeen: Parley,
Medium is a Large Ham
When she talks like that.

Eighteen: More robots,
Secret shrine to Jeanne. "She died
And we did nothing."

Nineteen: Late one night,
Annie and Jack find themselves
Inside Zimmy's head.

Twenty: In the woods,
Visiting with Coyote,
Annie pokes the Moon.

Twenty-One: A note,
Blinker stone and psychopomp,
Magic computer.

Twenty-Two: We learn
Who's that girl in the photo.
Jimmy punches jerk.

Treatise Number Three:
Annie has Coyote's eye.
Kat's mind on machines.

Break Time: "City Face"
Fairy must teach bird to dance,
Or the world will end!


Twenty-Three: Action!
We travel to Ganymede!
(Then to Parley's bed.)

Twenty-Four: Camping
In the misty countryside.
Laser cows are cool.

Twenty-Five: "Oh no!
A sad face! The saddest face!"
Count of angels: one.

Twenty-Six: New tricks
Taught by old dog; true faces
Seen in the ether.

Twenty-Seven: Jack
Asks Annie where Zimmy is;
Reynardine is trapped.


Alas! Kat can't sleep.
She'll do work to pass the time.
Then drools on the desk.

Twenty-Eight: Who's who?
Zimmingham full of spiders
Zimmy saves tired Jack

Twenty-Nine: Kat finds
An abandoned baby bird
It's very ugly.

— Pencilsoot

Thirty: Vengeful ghost
Forces Parley to confront
What is in her heart.

Thirty-One: Annie
Has her mother's fire (in the
Most literal sense).

Treatise Number Four:
Girls separate, yet are bound;
Jeanne's heart is wounded.

Now: City Face 2!
Birds eat bagels, and become
Human businessmen!

Thirty-two: New year;
Girls fight, then are friends again
(Once Annie showers).

Thirty-three: Angel
Gives life to the Court robots;
Takes it back, as well.

Thirty-four: Night out ...
Jack and Annie aren't in love;
Will and Janet, yes.

Thirty-five: Training,
Parley cuts Robot with tooth;
Shadow is 3-D.

Thirty-six: In class,
Brains and bodies disconnect;
Red now has a name.

Thirty-seven: Dad
Rendezvoused with Microsat
Five, then flew away.

Thirty-eight: Zimmy
Finds Annie trapped in a dream,
Punches Dad in face.

Thirty-nine: Secrets
Explain Coyote's power ...
Memories eaten.

Forty: What is Jones?
She is like a stone, except
She can't be broken.

Forty-one: Changes;
Annie's not the medium ...
Oh, wait, yes she is.

Treatise Number Five:
Shadow, Robot, Annie, Kat
Join what has been split.

Silly bird drawings!
(Regular artist is on
Two-week vacation.)

Forty-two: Smitty
Helping out (a bit too much) ...
Paz writes Kat a note.


Two schoolgirls in love?
The Paz/Kat ship is canon?:
Comments board explodes.

Forty-three: Hetty,
Burning mad at her owner ...
Renard knows his shame.

Forty-four: Crash course
In learning to fight with fire ...
Old foe is now friend.

Forty-five: Does Kat
Have to chose between new love
And her old friendship?

Forty-six: Spirits
Leave last words. Surma did not;
Annie did not know.

Forty-seven: Mort
Died before his time was up;
Annie takes him home.

Forty-eight: Tall tales!
Annie's done amazing things!
Hare wants human life.

Forty-nine: Robots
Tell Kat, "Make us flesh." Kat: "No."
They say, "Still worth it."

Treatise Number Six:
Kat, the Builder, balances
Annie and Nature.

See the Book of Birds!
Some are tough, some are tougher,
Some are super tough.

Fifty: Totem takes
Forest soul to new body
Grown in vat. (Creepy.)

Fifty-One: Annie
Is surprised to see her Dad ...
Scarred, cold, and quite harsh.

Fifty-Two: Young friends
Sneak and search while Carver's out ...
Both sides keep secrets.

Fifty-Three: Dinner,
Drinks; Annie's Dad explains why
He did what he did.

Fifty-Four: Her fire
And her anger are one; she
Must get old friend back.


Fifty-Five: Ding dong.
She asks her dad for Renard.
He gives him back. Click.

Fifty-Six: Robot
Shows his new arm to Shadow;
Someone's watching them.

Fifty-Seven: Kat
Plays Cupid (it doesn't work) ...
Annie's less angry.

Fifty-Eight: Fairy
Visits the court; Parley's back ...
Annie says, "It's time."

Fifty-Nine: Battles
In the ether and on land ...
Friends use all their skills.

Treatise Seven looks
Like a scene from ancient times;
Science meets magic.

Bonus pages have
Puzzles, starring City Face!
(Birds, birds, and more birds.)

Sixty: Kat unlocks
Trapped souls; to save all of them,
Annie pays the price.

Sixty-One: Red's friend
Gets a name too, then they tell
Annie, "Leave us now."

Sixty-Two: Annie
Asks, "Did I do the right thing?"
Kat says, "We all did."

Sixty-Three: Robot
And human in love, need help
From Kat (and Carver).

Sixty-Four: How did
Annie's parents fall in love?
Better question: Why?

Sixty-Five: Kat works
On new bodies for robots
(Including "boy stuff").

Sixty-Six: A gift
Of strength drives Ysengrim mad,
Tries to wreck Court; can't.

Sixty-Seven: Who
Will go to forest? Annie
Goes (but Jones gets tossed).

Sixty-Eight: Annie
Deals with Loup to save the court ...
She's been gone HOW long?!

Treatise Number Eight:
Kat is princess of science,
Annie is a flame.

Time for Q and A:
Cosplay, dancing, wiki, luck,
Movies, orbits, yachts!

Sixty-Nine: She's back,
But finds she's already there ...
She's beside herself!

Seventy: The two
Annies have to work as one;
Things are heating up.



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